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Spilled wine or coffee? Use this site to find out how to remove any stain

Working from home during the pandemic made people look closer at their homes. What can be kept or tossed away? Does the old office chair deserve a little TLC, or should it be replaced?

Spending more time at home means more upkeep. You’re using your appliances more often, dirty dishes can pile up and your bathroom gets grimy. Tap or click here for some of our other favorite domestic solutions.

If you frequently find yourself Googling the best way to remove unfortunate spills, stains, and grime, we’ve got good news. There’s a site for that. Read on to check out this incredible new resource you’ll want to bookmark immediately.

One stain-removal website to rule them all

Is there anything worse than a stubborn stain you can’t get rid of? Say goodbye to the struggle; Stain Solutions has your carpet, upholstery, hardwood floors and clothing all covered. It’s essentially an online encyclopedia of stain guides, best practices and tips for keeping your home spotless.

Colloquial fixes and other old tricks often leave you with less-than-desirable results. When a spritz of club soda just isn’t doing the trick, check out Stain Solutions for the solution you need.

In addition to general care guides and best-of lists for household products, you’ll also find the site’s Stains A-Z tool to be an indispensable lifesaver whenever you’ve got a spill setting in fast.

If your house needs more than a spit-shine, you may consider renovating. Tap or click here to figure out how much it will cost to spruce up your home.

How to use Stain Solutions at home

Dive into the Stains A-Z section, and you’re greeted with an intuitive interface that allows you to filter your results by the type of stain or spot you’re currently dealing with.

Simply search through the A-Z page, click an image and learn everything you need to know to eliminate the stain once and for all.

A list of cleaning agents and equipment is accompanied by a complete set of instructions walking you through every step of the stain removal process. Many of these stain listings also include important warnings and caveats. They’re emblazoned across the top of the relevant pages in yellow and red.

The smell of smoke, the stickiness of superglue, and the indelible splash of red wine all have an entry on this site. You’ll find solutions for oily stains, blood, makeup and foods like beets, ketchup and deeply-pigmented berries. Common concerns like mildew, spilled paint and rust also make an appearance.

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No mess is beyond hope

This site opened our eyes to the world of stains. We had fun just browsing for the worst ones we could imagine. There’s an entry for fish slime. Gross! All the more reason to know how to get rid of it.

This database truly does cover it all.

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