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Microsoft Edge just got better – Try this new feature

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser out there. Most people use Chrome because it’s convenient and easy to navigate — but it’s hardly the most secure option.

Chrome has been known to collect tons of data on you — even when it’s not supposed to. For more privacy, others choose Mozilla Firefox or options like DuckDuckGo.

One of the less popular alternatives is Microsoft Edge. This browser is used less frequently than Chrome, but it offers quite a few features that make it stand out. In fact, a new Edge feature was just rolled out — and it may make you ditch your Chrome habit for good.

The new Microsoft Edge feature you should know about

If you’ve been wary of Microsoft Edge because it doesn’t offer the same sync features as your browser of choice, you may want to take note of this news. Microsoft has finally starting to roll out history and tab sync for its Edge browser — which means you can finally let go of that less secure browser.

Microsoft Edge rolled out in 2015, and one of the bigger disappointments stemmed from the fact that it was missing a ton of important sync features offered by other browsers. Some users have recently noticed a new feature in their Edge browsers that lets you see the full web history and tab sync.

This new feature is pretty awesome. It lets you sync web pages you’ve visited with other Windows 10 or macOS devices, so there’s consistency across your browser history. It’s also rolling out on Edge’s mobile versions for iOS and Android, which means you’ll have your web history synced on your mobile devices, too.

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This feature isn’t available on a widespread basis yet, but it is in the process of rolling out. Some users already have access to the feature, but you’ll only know if that’s the case by checking your settings.

You’ll also need to manually enable the feature in your desktop and mobile Microsoft Edge accounts. Otherwise, you won’t have access to it.

To check and change settings if the new feature is available for you:

  • Open Microsoft Edge on your desktop
  • Tap on the account option on the upper right corner of your browser
  • Toggle to Settings > Profiles > Sync
  • If available, enable History and Open tabs in the options

Once you’ve enabled the features on your desktop, you’ll need to enable them on mobile.

To enable the features on mobile:

  • Open Microsoft Edge on your mobile device or tablet
  • Tap the account button on the left-hand side of the browser
  • Toggle to Settings > Profiles > Sync
  • If available, enable History and Open tabs in the options

This is just one of several new features that have been added to Microsoft Edge in recent months. A new sidebar feature was added recently that makes it easy to search without opening a new tab. Tons of other helpful features have been rolled out, too.

This new feature is just one more reason you should ditch Chrome for Microsoft Edge. It finally has all the features you need to make the switch.

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