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The Hummer returns as electric truck to take on Tesla – first look

Do you remember the first time you saw a Hummer driving around town? You may have thought you slept for way too long and woke up in the middle of a war zone. That’s because the massive trucks originally designed for military use became super popular once they were made available to consumers.

Well, they were great until drivers realized they guzzled gas like crazy, which is one reason GM discontinued them over a decade ago. Nowadays, you’re more likely to see an electric vehicle on the streets than a Hummer. But is it cheaper to drive an electric car? Tap or click here to find out.

If you are a Hummer fan, you’ll be happy to hear it’s making a comeback — as an electric truck.

Wait, what!?

A Hummer like no other

Rumors have been circulating recently that the Hummer is going to make a comeback. It turns out those rumors are true, but with a twist.

GM is going to release a new model called the GMC Hummer EV — and get this — it’s going to be all-electric. All the details are expected to be revealed later this year on May 20.

But, there is going to be a special ad for the Hummer EV debuting during Super Bowl LIV. The commercial will feature NBA player LeBron James and you can expect to see it sometime during the second quarter of the big game.

If you can’t wait until Sunday, there is a special sneak peek of the commercial available now. Yes, you heard me right; there’s an ad promoting the upcoming ad. Check it out now:

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Details are slowly leaking out about the Hummer EV, but that’s the only thing slow about it. It’s going to be equipped with 1,000 horsepower and will be able to go from zero to 60 in three seconds.

Those numbers rival Tesla’s super-hyped Cybertruck. Tap or click here for all the details on the Cybertruck.

Impressive speeds and major horsepower might be enough to convince even the most dedicated muscle car fans to go electric. We’re so here for this!

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