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Skip the lawyer – this company helps you get your money back if you were ripped-off

Tech companies dominate the economic landscape and there’s no turning back from this new norm. The physical and digital products made by these companies are woven deeply into the fabric of our lives, which means when things go wrong, users often have little to no recourse.

What we’re talking about is when companies fumble a customer-facing problem. For example, scammers on Airbnb’s platform have been ripping-off users for some time now, and the platform offers little to no recourse for the victims. Tap or click to see how Airbnb scammers operate.

When facing rip-offs and frauds in the tech world, it can feel like an uphill battle. But with help from this brand new legal app, consumers will finally have the ammunition they need to take on the big guys. This software automates the legal process for you, making it easier than ever to get back the money you’re owed.

Overbilled? Ripped-off?

Getting overcharged or defrauded by a major company can feel like a hopeless predicament. Not only do you have vastly inferior resources compared to these corporate titans, but their customer service menus and representatives can make it hard to even talk to people who can help.

To aid the victims of corporate malpractice, an online platform called FairShake has joined in the fight against well-heeled corporate lawyers. Formerly known as Radvocate, the new FairShake app automates many of the more complex portions of litigation.

Legal research, document creation and delivery are all automatically handled by the app, which can assist customers in negotiating legal disputes with major companies.

Any disputes that can’t be resolved with negotiations can be automatically escalated to the private consumer arbitration court system via automated filing. This ensures your legal filings are properly sorted — with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

This can help in a big way if you’ve been overcharged by a company like your internet service provider — even if the customer service representative on the phone tells you they “understand your frustration” and there’s “nothing they can do.” Don’t let these companies walk all over you!

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Sounds good, but what’s the catch?

Glad you asked! Nothing in the tech world is truly free, and this goes double for useful apps. Luckily, FairShake has a unique pricing model that keeps from front-loading users with exorbitant charges.

FairShake takes a 20% commission from any refunds or payments customers receive from their disputes. The app also takes 10% of any adjustments to debt or account balances, as well as a $20 minimum for any claims it successfully resolves.

In other words, if you don’t win your case, FairShake doesn’t get paid. You’re not charged anything for disputes that fail, which ads a bit more incentive to use the app. Sure, it’ll take a sizeable chunk of your reward — but it’ll also fight like hell to make sure you get one in the first place.

The sudden uptick in legal assistance apps is a promising development in our app-based digital economy. When tech companies hold all the chips, it’s a good thing to see someone sticking up for the little guy.

At the very least, we’re well on our way to bringing some legal pain to some of the worst digital offenders out there. Tap or click to see how you can sue robocallers with the help of this legal app.

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