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Add peace of mind to your trips with these amazing dashcam deals

Accountability is everything when it comes to driving. That’s the reason cars come equipped with mirrors, turn signals and other non-verbal ways to communicate with other drivers.

But when an accident occurs, it’s your word versus the other person’s. Your insurance can mediate between both parties, but in a complicated crash, it ultimately becomes a game of he-said-she-said. Tap or click here to see how Google’s new app can detect car crashes and call 911.

That’s why dashcams have become a popular way to keep tabs on your vehicle — and anything that can go wrong with it. If you install one of these, you can enjoy peace of mind no matter where the road takes you. Here is our favorite selection of dashcams you can pick up now for a great price.

Keeping everyone honest

When a dashcam is installed in your car, it takes the guessing-games out of the equation for your insurance company. Now, instead of relying on witness testimony, your insurance can pull up a clip of the accident from your dashcam to get an eyewitness perspective.

These dashcams are designed with affordability in mind and they can be installed in virtually any car. In addition to recording accidents and roadside situations, they’re also a great way to document the weird stuff that happens while you’re driving. Tap or click to see our favorite Russian dashcam clips.

Here are our favorite dashcams to install.

This easy-to-use dashcam can see in the dark

Not all dashcams are created equal, and features found in some may be missing in others. But this 1080P camera from VATENIC brings all the bells and whistles — including night vision, motion detection and parking monitoring on a wide-angle lens.

This smart dashcam can detect when you crash

How do you know when to start recording during an accident? Well, with this APEMAN 1080P dashcam, you won’t have to worry about that. This camera contains a built-in “G-Sensor,” which can detect sudden movements or shocks. This allows it to begin recording the moment you get into an accident.

See front and back with this dual-camera setup

Many dashcams live up to their name and only record what you can see from the dashboard. But this VAVA Dual dashcam setup includes front and rear cameras, as well as night vision, parking sensors and crash sensors. Now, you won’t have to worry if someone rear-ends you. You’ll record them when it happens.

Know what your dashcam is seeing

It’s never easy recording something and not knowing whether or not you captured your subject. This 1080P dashcam from Crosstour aims to fix this issue by including a 3-inch LCD screen. This allows you to see what’s coming from in front or behind your vehicle.

Plus, it includes impact sensors so it can start recording in the event of an accident.

If you don’t want to buy, try these dashcam apps

If you’re hesitant about installing new tech in your car, the good news is you don’t have to. Your phone includes a perfectly good camera, after all. And these dashcam apps can help repurpose that old smartphone of yours into the perfect dashcam.

Nexar AI

This free community-based AI dashcam is more than just a way to capture footage while on the road. It helps you keep an eye on your surroundings and integrates crowdsourced alerts on traffic conditions and road hazards.

Tap or click here to learn more about Nexar AI.

Cam on Road

CamOnRoad is a free alternative to hardware dashcams that includes useful features like 2GB of free cloud storage for recordings. All users need to do is register their app. That alone makes it a more valuable app than most other automobile-centric programs. It also integrates your GPS for live updates on road conditions.

Tap or click here to learn more about Cam on Road.

AutoBoy Dashcam

AutoBoy Dash Cam is a simple, reliable dashcam that continuously records the road out in front of you. It will also automatically delete older files so you never run out of memory during crucial moments — this is critical in emergency situations when you need your recordings at all costs.

Additionally, it includes another form of backup with YouTube integration and can save your recordings as private videos to your account.

Tap or click here to learn more about AutoBoy Dashcam.

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