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Can this new $90 Amazon tablet compete with the iPad?

Buying a new gadget may be the last thing on your mind right now, but Amazon thinks it can convince you otherwise. The company is on track to release a new tablet for less than $100 that competes with the likes of Apple’s iPad — which costs significantly more.

It might seem counterintuitive, but tech companies are starting to re-evaluate just how much they’ve been charging customers as the pandemic turns their fortunes around. Apple itself even released a budget iPhone for $400, and the upcoming iPhone 12 will debut for $50 less than its predecessor. Tap or click here to see more about the new phone.

Here’s what we know so far about Amazon’s new budget tablet, as well as its renewed focus in cornering the consumer market as mandatory lockdowns come to an end.

The Fire HD 8: Faster, cheaper and perfect for indoor life

Amazon is updating three of its most popular tablets with beefier processors and larger storage capacities. The Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus and Fire HD 8 Kids Edition have all been listed for preorder, with a shipping date set for June 3 of this year.

The new tablets come standard with USB-C chargers, which power the devices’ larger 12-hour batteries. All models feature an upgrade in speed and performance thanks to the new processors, and the Kids Edition even comes with a durable rubber case to handle bumps and knocks during use.

These upgrades place the tablet squarely in the range of lower-end iPad models, but the real threat doesn’t come from these gadgets’ guts. Instead, it comes from their highly competitive price point of $90, $110 and $140 for each model respectively. Tap or click here to see how much the cheapest iPad model costs.

As some of the cheapest mainstream tablets available, they’re sure to make a sizeable impact in the market. In addition, these tablets are backed by Amazon’s vast content ecosystem, which the company hopes will help them recoup the losses caused by this drop in price.

If you’re eager to pre-order these tablets for yourself, tap or click the images below to visit Amazon and preorder them. Once your order is in, they’ll ship right to your doorstep — and much faster than before now that delivery speeds are picking up again.

Come again?

Yes, it’s true! Amazon is starting to gear itself up to support its delivery promises once more as states and local economies start to reopen.

According to CNBC, Amazon has alerted third-party sellers that their items will no longer be restricted by the online marketplace. In addition, many Prime members have noticed faster delivery times for items they’re ordering, with some adhering to the traditional two to three-day pledge. These kinds of time windows have not been seen in weeks.

Not only are Amazon’s online operations roaring back to life once again, but Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh are also no longer requiring invitations for grocery orders.

If you’re itching to place an order for one of Amazon’s new tablets, you might be able to enjoy it the way you would have before the pandemic: In 2 days or less. Just make sure you’re still handling your packages carefully and taking the time to clean them. The virus is still out there, after all. Tap or click here to see how to sanitize your deliveries.

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