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Customers are complaining about Amazon Prime problems, from late shipping to unexplained delays
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Amazon Prime problems: Read this before you rely on 2-day shipping

There’s nothing worse than paying extra for something and not getting it. For example, if you want Amazon Prime’s famous two-day shipping, you must pay $14.99 per month or $139 per year. But customers who share their Amazon Prime problems on social media say they aren’t getting the speedy shipping they paid for.

Across the U.S., Prime users say they have to wait up to five days to get their packages. This stings, especially since Amazon raised Prime’s annual price to $139 earlier this year. Here’s why Amazon’s prices spiked.

However, it seems that delayed shipping times depend on your location. One former employee says that certain counties in Washington have five-day Prime shipping, for instance. We’ve got all the details you need to know.

Here’s the backstory

I can personally attest to this. When I was a Prime member two years ago, I loved receiving packages in two days. But over the past year, near-constant delays made speedy shipping a distant memory.

That’s why I canceled my Prime membership, despite the many perks. Tap or click here for 11 of the best Amazon Prime advantages few shoppers know about. Because I didn’t see the point in paying for two-day shipping when I didn’t get it, I downgraded.

I’m not alone, either. Customers have been complaining on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

But Amazon hasn’t shared any strategies for returning things to the way they were.

An Amazon spokesperson told Vox that Amazon isn’t slowing down deliveries on purpose. She said Prime delivery times depend on many factors, like:

  • A customer’s location.
  • Transportation issues in different regions.
  • How long it takes items to be shipped from a warehouse.

Bottom line: If your Prime orders take too long, it’s not just you. For the time being, customers dealing with this problem have to grin and bear it. If you complain on social media, you’ll get apologies and explanations — but no solutions.

The reason behind Amazon Prime delayed shipping

Across the U.S., Prime customers wonder why their packages take longer than two days to arrive. Customers have decried the late shipping times so loudly that one former employee put it to the test.

When Peter Freese noticed longer delivery times, he ordered bestselling Amazon products in all 39 counties in Washington. Here’s what he discovered:

  • In most Washington counties, Prime orders took two days, as promised.
  • But in 13 counties, Prime orders took four to five business days.
  • Oddly enough, the checkout page mentioned “Free delivery” but didn’t mention next-day shipping.

Freese told Vox that he thinks it could be a bug — or Amazon excluding specific neighborhoods, although he didn’t expand on his theory. However, customer service reps from Amazon say that two-day shipping doesn’t start after customers place orders.

Amazon officials say you’ll get two-day shipping after your products are shipped from a warehouse, which means it might take longer than you think.

Either way, many customers say they used to get two-day shipping — but now have to wait longer. This may be due to supply chain issues, staffing problems or internal policy changes the public doesn’t yet know about.

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