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10 things in your house worth big money

You’ve probably heard the stories about people who’ve found treasure in their attic worth thousands of dollars, or more. From paintings by famous artists to photos of Billy the Kid, there could be things that are worth a fortune collecting dust in your home.

Shows like Antique Roadshow and Pawn Stars have made everyone hope that their junk really is another man’s treasure. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to turn your children’s toys into buckets of cash, there may be some things in your home with value — like these eight old tech items that are worth big bucks today.

It’s not just about tech. I you’ve been putting off that annual spring cleaning ritual, maybe you just need a little incentive. From sports cards to vintage musical instruments, here are 10 things in your house that could be worth some serious cash.

1. Sports cards

Remember when bubble gum came with collector cards? Some of those cards are now worth real money.

Collecting sports cards has seen ups and downs in popularity over the years, but interest has soared during the pandemic. Now you have cards from decades ago or just a few years old selling for thousands or even millions of dollars.

You can look up your sports cards to check their value at sites like PSA, but be prepared to pay a little to have them graded if you’re serious about selling them and getting the highest payout.

2. Vintage video game systems/cartridges

A man in Reno once found an unopened vintage Nintendo game in his home and was shocked to discover it was worth $9,000. An original Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game still in the package recently sold at auction for more than $600,000!

While many old Nintendo games are unlikely to fetch you thousands, a number of vintage systems and games are getting more valuable by the day. Here are just a few that can fetch top dollar:

  • Factory Sealed Atari 2600, Nintendo and Super Nintendo games.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color (Ozzie!, Ozzie!, Ozzie! edition)
  • Original Nintendo Game Boy
  • Certain Sega Genesis consoles

3. Your old phone

The majority of smartphones are worth something, even damaged. If you upgrade your phone often, it’s worth selling the old one for some extra cash.

Apple recently updated its trade-in program, adding more models (Android included) to the list. Check out what’s worth money here.

You can also sell your old phones through sites like Decluttr. As far as big money goes, if you have an original iPhone from 2007 still in box, they’ve sold for thousands on auction sites like eBay.

4. Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards

There was a time that seemingly every kid out there traded and played with some version of the infamous Pokémon trading cards. While your everyday cards aren’t worth much, first edition Pokémon cards can be worth quite a bit.

That includes the 1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4 that sold for $90,000 at auction. You might not have one of these lying around, but in general, 1st edition holographic Pokémon cards still hold quite a bit of value.

Other cards, such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, can also be quite valuable. For instance, the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card of all time is one called Black Lotus, with an estimated value of $100,000 to $250,000!

5. Vintage computers

Vintage computers and even vintage typewriters continue to be a deep love for collectors. It’s said that even Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters.

The most valuable ones are vintage Apples that can fetch as much as a few thousand dollars. Even computers from the 1990s are worth some serious cash, like the Amiga 4000.

6. Books and comic books

Much like Pokémon cards, some loves pass on through the ages. If you have any mint-condition comic books from your youth, they might still be worth something.

Take Avengers #1 from 1963, which could be worth up to $275,000. If you happen to come across an original Action Comics #1 from 1938 (Superman’s debut), put it somewhere safe. One was auctioned a few years ago for more than $3 million.

7. Old coins

Most $2 bills, that we’ve all come across once or twice, are actually worth around $100. But certain Lincoln pennies, quarters, and nickels still circulate around and could fetch up to a few thousand dollars. So now might be the time to go through your change bucket.

Some coins, like Liberty Head Double Eagles from the late 1800s, can be worth up to $20,000. A rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel, on the other hand, is worth millions.

8. Certain vinyl records

Vinyl was all the rage once upon a time and some of those records may be worth more than you think. Some mint condition records go for thousands of dollars, like The 1969 Led Zeppelin self-titled album that can fetch up to $1,000.

The Beatles’ White Album could rake in closer to $1 million. Check out these other vinyl records worth big money.

9. Toys and action figures

Most children want to play with their toys, but a few save them. Mint condition toys and action figures can be worth quite a bit considering the number of vintage toy collectors that still exist today.

The 1990’s TY Beanie Babies that children loved still carry a high value today if they’re in good condition. If you have a Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) action figure still in the package, it could be worth $25,000.

10. Antique musical instruments

Musical instruments in good condition are worth quite a bit to begin with, but antique instruments carry an even bigger price tag. If the instrument is signed by a famous or historic musician, that value skyrockets. Classic guitars made by Spanish guitar maker Antonio de Torres sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have extra time on your hands and are looking to make an extra buck, try going through your old items to see what you find. Looking for more items? Here are things you have lying around that are worth big money.

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