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Easiest way to eliminate dangerous distractions while driving

Being a parent of a new driver is scary enough. With all of the hazards out on the road, there are so many things that could go wrong.

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents out there. And, one of the worst culprits is your teenager's smartphone. If they don't shut off their phone the minute they get behind the wheel, they're easily distracted by incoming messages, emails and phone calls. Here's a scary fact: Did you know that texting while driving is six times worse than driving under the influence of alcohol?

Thankfully, parents won't need to worry about this anymore because there's finally a solution. It's called Sentinel.

Sentinel is a device that installs under the dash of the driver's side of your car. It costs $200 to purchase the unit and then $20 per month for monitoring, but the peace of mind it offers is completely worth it.

The message behind Sentinel is clear: When you turn on your car, turn your phone off. To enforce that behavior, this device connects to your car and sends text alerts to parents if their teen is using their phone while behind the wheel.

You can also set alerts if the car goes out of bounds, stays out past curfew, or if your teen is driving too fast. Better yet, Sentinel will give your teen audio alerts when it senses dangerous behavior. For example, it will trigger spoken reminders to turn off or put their phone in airplane mode and more. With Drive With Sentinel, you can also track your teen's progress and see how much of a safer driver they have become.

If you're still on the fence, or if you're ever tempted to check your phone while on the road, just listen to this special podcast about the true dangers of distracted driving.

Sentinel doesn't only come in handy for parents of new drivers, it also has an option called Sentinel Pro for business owners with fleet vehicles.

The following statistics should frighten any business owner. According to Sentinel's website, motor vehicle crashes cost employers over $15 billion dollars annually. This cost includes the cost of medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity. Yikes!

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you have to keep those numbers in mind. Car accidents cost a pretty penny. In fact, the average crash costs at least $26,000 in damages. If anyone is injured, you could be responsible for their medical expenses, which average around $128,000. If a fatality occurs, the cost is much higher, averaging around $3.8 million.

Sentinel Pro is designed to help business owners keep tabs on the driving habits of their fleet drivers. It monitors cellphone activity, speeding and the unauthorized use of your company's vehicle.

With Sentinel Pro, fleet managers can review a report that logs the details of each driver's route. They can also schedule maintenance alerts for each vehicle, set boundaries, monitor idle time and see the vehicle's exact location.

Every fleet is different, but when you call, Sentinel will give you a price quote. The number is 601-707-4700.

Watch this video to see how it works:

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