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You’ll want to download your banking app before it’s too late

No one ever thinks they are going to become a victim of credit card theft or hacking. Yet, for many people that becomes an unfortunate part of their reality.

As we increasingly turn to the internet to handle things like our banking that is unlikely to change, though companies are beginning to fight back in the way of giving us more control. After all, if technology exists to hack into and ruin accounts, so too should ways in which to further protect them.

Mobile banking apps have become increasingly available, which is a good thing. But perhaps even more than that, they are also becoming more intuitive and feature-packed.

Most major banks have apps now

It of course varies by bank, but most of the major ones now offer some kind of app. They all provide varying levels of tools and features, but the general theme behind them is making banking easier and more secure.

Also, of course, letting you do much of what you’d ever need without actually having to go to the bank. Among the banks that offer intuitive apps are Wells Fargo, Bank of America, USAA, Simple, Ally Bank and Citigroup.

Why have the apps? If you use them, you’d understand

The majority of apps offered by banks act as a general hub for most of your banking needs. Instead of having to go to a branch or make a phone call, you can usually access most tools — such as money transfers, new card requests or even account management functions — with just a few taps.

Was there a data breach at somewhere you recently shopped or ate at? Was your card lost or stolen? Quickly cancel it straight from your phone.

Even if your card is broken or damaged, a replacement does not have to be difficult to get. Providing more transparency with the entire process, apps may also allow people to see things like recurring payments connected to their cards, which will help if someone was to move and forget to cancel certain services.

That would make it a simpler process to deal with a lost, stolen, broken or expired card, as you will be able to see which transactions need to be updated with the new card when the new one arrives.

One other benefit sometimes found

Besides those features that all make plenty of sense, another thing some of the banks offer through their apps is the ability to turn cards on or off and set them up to only work in certain regions. While maybe not something everyone would use, the knowledge that one could is enough to calm some security nerves.

That may not be in every app. You will have to see, but even if it’s not available right now there’s a good chance it soon will be.

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