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These stores will give you the biggest Black Friday discounts

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the best Black Friday sales aren’t limited to Fridays anymore. OK, you probably already knew.

The annual shopping tradition is kind of all over the place these days. Black Friday itself hasn’t been limited to a day-of event ever since deals and early store openings started creeping their way into to the Thanksgiving Day mix years ago. Now big sales can be days or even weeks sooner than that. And the fact that Black Friday ad scans typically leak up to a month early only fuels anticipation even more. Now you just need to be ready at any time to jump on the savings.

The “when “is important, but it all boils down to getting the best prices on those items you’re on the hunt for. And that means finding which stores are offering the biggest discounts for the 2018 holiday season. We have the answers.

Best places to shop for Black Friday sales

In order to find the best deals, WalletHub examined about 7,000 deals from 35 of the biggest U.S. retailers’ Black Friday ad scans. They took their findings and broke it down by retailers offering the biggest average discount, then went even further with best discount average in specific product categories. And some of those stores topping the list might surprise you.

Top 5 stores for Black Friday sales, by average discount

  1. Belk – 68.9% average discount
  2. JCPenney – 65.1% average discount
  3. Stage (also includes Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal and Peebles) – 62.1% average discount
  4. Kohls – 60.8% average discount
  5. New York & Company – 54.5%

Now we’ll take a look at a few of their specific category break-downs. Some of the stores you might have expected to see at the top of some lists, or on the list at all for that matter, just aren’t there.

Consumer Electronics (best average percentage discounts)

  1. Fred Meyer – 51.96% average discount
  2. Academy Sports + Outdoors – 46.28% average discount
  3. Staples – 42.26% average discount
  4. Belk – 41.32% average discount
  5. Walmart – 39.61% average discount

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Computers and Phones

  1. Lenovo – 40% average discount
  2. JCPenney – 39.24%
  3. Office Depot and OfficeMax – 37.94%
  4. Target – 36.82%
  5. Kohl’s – 35.82%


  1. Stage – 59.50%
  2. Belk – 56.64%
  3. Fred Meyer – 52.50%
  4. Big Lots – 50.02%
  5. Newegg – 46.17%

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Video games (software only)

  1. Best Buy – 47.03%
  2. Walmart – 46.26%
  3. Target – 45.46%
  4. Meijer – 43.60%
  5. Fred Meyer – 33.97%


  1. Stage – 55.78%
  2. Belk – 53.89%
  3. JCPenney – 47.41%
  4. – 43.91%
  5. Meijer – 43.48%

Again, this is only a sampling, but take a look at WalletHub’s infographic below for a deeper dive into the stats.

Source: WalletHub App background

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