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What’s on sale in August you should buy now

Amid the pandemic, shoppers who prefer to browse the aisles of brick-and-mortar stores have a newfound affinity for browsing e-commerce webpages instead.

Sure, it might not be as satisfying to browse for certain things online, but there are some other major perks — like all the deals and sales you can find. Online retailers work to move product off the digital shelves just as they would in the stores, and that can mean big savings for you.

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There are tons of shopping deals to be had in August and we rounded up the best ones. So, if you’ve been looking for a brand-new grill or a laptop for your college freshman, now’s the time to pull out your wallet.

Save big on new headphones

If you’re looking for a new pair of over-the-ear headphones, you’re in luck. August is a great month to grab a pair at a good price.

Take, for example, the Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II, currently on sale for about 30% off. These headphones are an audiophile’s dream, offering wireless Bluetooth technology, immersive sound and seamless audio/video syncs along with up to 15 hours of playtime via the rechargeable battery.

If you’re looking for high-end noise-canceling headphones, check out the Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, 25% off right now. These Bose headphones offer top-notch sound, 11 levels of noise-canceling control, Alexa and Google Assistant integration and up to 20 hours of wireless battery life.

Another solid option are Sony’s Noise Cancelling Headphones — on sale on Amazon for nearly 40% off right now. These headphones are a good fit for folks who want to cancel out noise without sacrificing sound quality. They offer automatic environmental noise sensors and cancellation, wireless Bluetooth streaming, smartphone compatibility and a ton of other features.

For wireless earbuds, you can’t beat the options from our sponsor, Raycon. They’re just as good as all the other premium brands on the market at half the price. Get 15% off at

Invest in new, discounted appliances

Appliances go on sale at different times throughout the year, but as a rule, the best months to purchase new appliances are August, September and October. Most manufacturers unveil new models in September and October, so retailers are busy marking down large appliances in August to make room for the latest and greatest.

For example, Best Buy currently has washers and dryers as low as $429.99 each, and a ton of other appliances are on sale, too.

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If you’ve been looking for a second fridge for the garage or you need to replace your washer and dryer but have been holding out due to the price, you may get lucky and find some deals online right now as online retailers start to push sales on the appliances they have in stock.

Big savings on laptops & computers

If you’ve been looking for a new laptop or computer, this is the right time to jump on some deals. The 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro is on sale on Amazon right now, and you can save hundreds on that purchase if you move quickly. This laptop comes with a 9th-generation 6-Core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage and that top-notch retina display that Apple products are known for.

You can also save big on the 10th generation Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with a 12.3″ touch-screen. This lightweight, Bluetooth-enabled laptop is on sale on Amazon right now, and it offers a ton of versatility and is perfect for creatives or students, who can use it to type, touch, draw, write, work or play to their heart’s content.

Dude, you’re getting a Dell! Or you should be, considering that our sponsor, Dell, is offering big savings on the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop, which comes with a 13-inch, 2-in-1 HDR display, 10th generation Intel Core processors, and up to 2.5 times more performance in a thinner frame.

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Upgrade your internet with these router deals

If you’re working from home, a new router can go a long way in remedying your spotty connection. This month is prime time for replacing your old router, because you can snag sales like the one on Amazon for the TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router, nearly 20% off the regular retail price. This dual-band router reduces buffering and is ideal for 4K streaming — plus it works with Alexa and most, if not all, Wi-Fi devices.

Another option is the NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router, which is also on sale on Amazon right now. This router offers up to 1800 square feet of wireless coverage with AC1900 speed. It can handle up to 30 devices, has wired ethernet ports and offers smart parental controls.

Our favorite option if you have a big home or especially finicky Wi-Fi is eero. It blankets your whole home in Wi-Fi, eliminating dead spots and spotty coverage. Right now, you can get free next-day shipping at when you use the code “Kim.”

Vacuums are also deeply discounted

If your spring (or summer) cleaning caused some wear and tear to your vacuum, now is the right time to invest in its replacement.

Looking for a cordless option? Check out the Hoover ONEPWR Blade MAX, on sale on Amazon for a nice chunk off of the original price. This cordless, lightweight, rechargeable vacuum can handle all types of flooring. It captures 99% of dust and fine particles, perfect for homes with pet hair and dander.

If you prefer a powerhouse cleaning machine, the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum is on sale, too. It’s a great option for allergy sufferers and people who want a deep clean across all their floors. As a bonus, this Shark vacuum cleans itself with its Zero M self-cleaning brush roll.

You may not be familiar with the Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, but this lesser-known robot vacuum is a hit with Amazon reviewers, who are impressed with the cleaning power of the quiet, brushless motor and the overall quality of this vacuum. You can snag the Yeedi Robot Vacuum on Amazon for under $100 right now, which is a flat-out steal for a robot vacuum.

Save with end of season deals on grills

If you wore out your old grill this summer, this is the best time to replace it with the upgraded model you’ve had your eye on. The best time to buy a deeply discounted grill is in August or September, and the pricing is proof.

These months mark the end of grilling season, so most retailers are marking down grills to make room for late fall and winter seasonal products. You can save up to 70% on certain models of Weber grills at right now, and some models are as low as $104. You’ll have to shop around to find the best deals, but they’re out there and will continue to pop up over the next few weeks.

Load up on discounted back to school products

August marks the official start of the school year, and while things may be a bit up in the air for students right now, you can still stock up on supplies at a deep discount. Even if you don’t have a kid in school, this is a great time to grab pens, paper, and art supplies.

Big box office supply stores are running sales on all types of school supplies, and Office Depot has nearly all its best-selling supplies on sale for up to 60% off. That’s not the only retailer. Visit your favorite on online, and you should find some good discounts.

Discounted microwaves

Looking for a microwave for your home or your kid’s or grandchild’s dorm room? There are a number of microwaves on sale on Amazon right now, in all sizes, powers and price ranges.

Need a basic unit to heat up late-night Hot Pockets? You can probably find an affordable unit on sale. If you want replace your high-end unit with one that can sensor cook, defrost and handle large bowls and containers, Amazon has those too— and the one you’ve been eyeballing may even be on sale.

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