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Venmo payments on Amazon
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Have money sitting around in Venmo? Use it to pay for Amazon purchases

Buying stuff from Amazon just got easier. Let’s say you have money in your Venmo account. Maybe you didn’t move it to your bank account because of the 1.75% fee, which can add up when you instantly transfer money from Venmo.

A new Amazon update allows you to put that money to good use. This week, Amazon and Venmo announced their payment partnership. This means you’ll be able to use Venmo when you check out during your Black Friday shopping. Tap or click here to secretly shop on Amazon and not ruin any gift surprises.

Read on for all you need to know about the Venmo and Amazon payment partnership.

When you can make Venmo payments on Amazon

The new feature is launching this week but is not widely available yet. So far, only “select Amazon customers” can use it. Initial rollouts began on Oct. 25, suggesting that Amazon troubleshoot bugs before the option becomes available to everyone.

An announcement from Venmo’s parent company, PayPal, lets the rest of us know when we’ll get this option. The limited launch should spread to the rest of the U.S. by Nov. 25, PayPal reports.

How this affects you

Currently, you have a few different options when paying on Amazon, like:

  • Paying with a debit or credit card — or an Amazon Awards Visa Card.
  • Using an Amazon gift card, a voucher or a promotional card.
  • Adding a personal checking account.
  • Using an Store Card.
  • Paying over time with Affirm.

For the record, we don’t recommend using buy now, pay later options like Affirm. Also known as BNPL plans, they invite unexpected fees and encourage people to spend more than they can afford. Here are a few more reasons you should think twice before paying this way.

Thanks to this new partnership, you’ll soon see an option to pay with Venmo when ordering on Amazon. You’ll be able to apply your Venmo account balance to your Amazon purchases. Even bank accounts or debit cards attached to your Venmo account can be applied to your checkout cart.

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