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hidden Uber fee
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Don’t fall for this Uber airport trick – It cost me $20

My ears are always perked for life hacks or time-saving tricks. I like to try them out so you can know whether or not they work. I’m sad to report that a new way to reserve an Uber comes with a $20 fee you may not know about.

I was excited when I first learned about Reservations, also known as “Uber Reserve.” First announced in 2020, this feature lets you book scheduled rides up to 30 days before you need them. This is incredibly helpful for busy travelers who like to plan out logistics well in advance.

Tools like this can turn a nightmare trip into a breeze if you’re constantly on the go like I am. Tap or click for travel hacks that make life easier. Just make sure that your eyes are wide open before you sign up for Uber Reserve. Keep reading for details.

Here’s the backstory

According to Reuters, Uber Reserve is a response to customer feedback. People said they wanted the ability to make specific reservations in advance.

This is different from previous offerings. Although you could already schedule rides, this Reserve feature lets you pick specific types of drivers, like those who would accept pets in their car. You even get $50 in Uber credit if your ride doesn’t arrive when scheduled.

This feature helps you plan worry-free trips. For example, I recently scheduled a ride through Uber Reserve, so I would have one less thing to worry about after a long plane ride.

However, I didn’t know it would come with an extra fee.

There was no indication of an additional $20 charge

When I scheduled a ride through Uber Reserve, I saw the upfront price and which driver would pick me up at the scheduled time.

Here’s how I scheduled through Uber Reserve:

  • First, I opened the Uber app.
  • Then, I tapped on the clock icon next to the Where to? search bar.
  • From there, I picked a date, time and location for my ride.
  • I also entered flight information so Uber could track my flight info and adjust the reservation time if the arrival time changed.
  • I selected my ride type, confirmed my reservation and then saw it in my profile’s Upcoming trips section.

Lastly, I got a notification from my driver. I saw the upfront price estimate when I set my reservation. Since that price includes a reservation fee, I thought everything was good to go.

After my ride, I noticed Uber charged me $20 on top of the other costs. After researching, I learned that the reservation fee is a variable charge. It depends on the ride type, what city you’re in and other factors.

The fee surprised me since Uber says the fare charge before the trip is fixed. Then, I did a double-take at the extra $20 expense.

That’s why I’m blowing the whistle to inform you about this charge. It may have taken me by surprise, but now you’ll be prepared the next time you use Uber Reserve.

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