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Things you shouldn’t purchase on Black Friday

You’ve got your hand on your wallet. You’re ready for Black Friday and you’re raring to go tackle those sweet holiday shopping bargains. You’re understandably excited, but this is also a good time to take a deep breath and give yourself a reality check. Not every item is a good deal or worth the stress of trying to track it down. Here are the things you should avoid buying on Black Friday:

Hot toys

Take a lesson from the great Cabbage Patch doll craze of 1983, which descended into physical altercations in some stores. The hottest toys of the year are always going to be in short supply and it’s not worth the battle to try to obtain them on Black Friday when everyone else is working themselves into a frenzy.

For example, one of 2017’s biggest surprises is the popularity of Fingerlings, cute little interactive pets that are extremely hard to find. You will be better off waiting for the madness to ease up. This is a good time to get creative by coming up with other gift ideas. You can always keep an eye on online retailers after Black Friday to see if any come into stock.

Expensive laptops

You might see low-end laptops appearing as doorbuster deals on Black Friday, but you probably won’t have as much luck when shopping for a high-end machine. When you’re dropping big bucks on a powerhouse of a laptop, you need to take your time and consider the specs to find the best fit for your needs. Look for better bargains around back-to-school time or when replacement models arrive and stores discount the previous generation.

Fitness gear

New Year’s resolutions will work against you when it comes to buying fitness gear such as treadmills, stationary bikes, or other workout warrior equipment on Black Friday. Retailers know everyone will be thinking about shaping up as January 1 approaches, so look for discounts in the new year rather than on the day after Thanksgiving when shoppers are still in recovery from too much turkey.

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Rings and shiny things

You hear a lot about electronics and toys when it comes to Black Friday bargains, but you may have noticed how little you hear about super special deals on necklaces, rings, and other jewelry items. Jewelers tend to kick their best sales into gear in honor of Valentine’s Day in February rather than for Black Friday. If you can wait, chances are your wallet will be better off.

Christmas decorations

Your thoughts will naturally turn toward decorating for Christmas once all of your Thanksgiving celebrations are complete but don’t let that tempt you to buy everything red and green in sight on Black Friday. Christmas decor bargains are at their best after Christmas. If you can get by with what you already have, then put it on your calendar to hit up the post-Christmas sales racks to stock up for next season’s festivities.

If you’re desperate to throw some decorations in your cart, then think about opting for discounted Thanksgiving gear to save for next year.

Winter clothing

There are some clothing bargains to be found on Black Friday, but chances are they won’t reach the wow-deal level of winter clearance sales later in the season. Winter coats and other articles of cold-weather clothing are a lot like Christmas decorations. You will find some of the best bargains when retailers are clearing them out to make room for spring items.


We’ve all seen those television ads where a delighted family wakes up to find a car with a big ribbon on top sitting in the driveway on Christmas morning. That’s a nice fantasy, but Black Friday isn’t typically the best day to try to make that come true. Wait for when dealerships are trying to move out the previous model year of a vehicle to make room for new cars.

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Black Friday can be a lot of fun, but don’t lose sight of your common sense while you’re out shopping. Sometimes patience is better for your budget.

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