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Tech worth big bucks
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Is there a fortune sitting in your garage? Tech worth big money

Many people have hidden treasures collecting dust somewhere in their homes. Some of the most valuable items might even surprise you, like classic video games. Tap or click here to see video game accessories worth a fortune.

It’s not just video games that people are paying top dollar for. There are tons of old tech items that you can fetch big bucks for if you’re lucky enough to own some.

Read on for a list of valuable tech gadgets that could be sitting in your garage.

Here’s the backstory

You can never be sure what treasures you’ll find by simply going through that cupboard you’ve intended to clean out for years. There might even be some objects that you completely forgot about but could be worth a pretty penny.

Consumer buying website Simple Ghar rounded up some of the most valuable technology, and you could have some of it in your garage or attic. Using the Mavin search engine, Simple Ghar reviewed hundreds of auction listings for older electronics to get real-time data on what collectibles are worth.

Some of the best finds

Not many people will have a first-generation iPhone lying around. But if you do and it’s still sealed in the box, it can net you a tidy sum of almost $12,000. Don’t feel bad if you only have an iPhone 3GS sealed in a box, as that can get you around $8,000.

Speaking of Apple, the iPod was one of the best-selling music devices on the market. If you have a sealed first-generation white iPod, you can get over $20,000 for it. Another Apple device can fetch serious vacation money, but only if you can find a 1990 Apple Macintosh M5126. The right people will pay up to $10,000.

Classic video games are constantly being sought for nostalgia and other purposes. For example, the Nintendo Pikachu GameBoy Color game is worth $7,500, the Nintendo Zelda Control set (sealed) for the SNES is worth $3,000, and a Model 1 Sega Genesis console can reach up to $3,000.

But nothing beats the current value of the Lawson’s Ticket Station J-League edition of the Nintendo 64 from 1997. If you have one in your basement or garage, you can expect to sell it for around $64,000.

Here are some other items that are considered collectibles and valuable:

  • First-generation Apple iPod Mini in pink is worth nearly $550.
  • Second-generation iPod Shuffle in blue is worth around $1,000.
  • The original Sony PlayStation 2 from 2000 is worth about $1,600.
  • The Lasonic TRC-935 boombox from 1985 is worth roughly $3,000, depending on the condition.
  • The Sony Walkman WM-4 from 1985 is worth approximately $2,000.

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