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Shocking items like Prince Philip crash debris are being sold on eBay

Have you ever made some extra money by selling stuff online? Maybe you bought yourself a new sofa and wanted to make a few bucks from selling your old one.

It’s super easy to do these days. There are lots of websites out there like eBay and Craigslist that will let you sell things.

After seeing some of the crazy items people are putting up for sale, maybe it’s too easy. Check these out.

Bizarre eBay listings

We’ve seen plenty of strange items for sale online over the years. Possibly the strangest listing was on eBay in 2004. That’s when someone posted for sale a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly showed the Virgin Mary on the toasted bread.

Believe it or not, someone ended up buying it for $28,000. Now that’s a lot of bread!

As odd as an almost $30,000 sandwich sounds, the crazy got turned up a notch last week. According to the BBC, someone put a listing up on eBay trying to sell debris from a car crash that involved Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh was in a car accident recently near King’s Lynn, Norfolk. He wasn’t hurt in the crash, but his Land Rover Freelander did end up on its side after a collision with another vehicle.

Apparently the crash left some debris behind, which ended up for sale on eBay. The debris wasn’t glass, but plastic parts that weren’t stolen. The poster said they were left at the roadside, which is where they scooped them up.

As a selling point, the seller said it, “may even have Phil’s DNA on it, if you wanted to clone him.” It must have worked, the listing received 139 bids and was up to almost $87,000.

However, eBay removed the listing before the items actually sold. A spokesperson said it was removed due to its policy that doesn’t allow items to be sold that seek profits from human suffering or tragedy.

Don’t let stories like this scare you away from eBay. There are actually tons of great items listed on the site that you might actually be interested in buying.

Interesting eBay listings that you’ll love

Toaster that makes grilled cheese sandwiches

You’re probably not going to create a cheesy masterpiece that will fetch you thousands of dollars with this special toaster, but you will be able to make some pretty awesome sammies with it. Grilled cheese sammies that is.

This grilled cheese sandwich maker is super easy to use and you don’t need a stove. Just place the sandwich in the grill cage, toast and enjoy! Even better, the cages are removable for easy cleanup.

You can buy it now on eBay for under $30.

Car seat side storage organizer

Cellphones, cans of soda, water bottles, umbrellas, books and so much more. Those are just some of the items you can store in this nifty car seat side storage organizer.

Easily attach it to your car’s passenger or driver side seat and never lose one of those precious items again. It’s even made of waterproof material that will help avoid disastrous spills.

You can order one now on eBay for less than $7.

Solar cup LED light cover

Wanna spruce up the interior of your vehicle? Check out this solar cup LED light cover.

Just place it in the sun for a few hours and it’s good to go. You’ll be driving around in style while LED lights brighten up your ride.

The Buy It Now price on eBay is $7.07.

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