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Reduce printing costs by choosing the right font

We all know how expensive it is to buy printer ink. And it always seems like the one you need is the most expensive one on the shelf! You would be lucky to find an ink cartridge on sale for $20-$30. Most of the time, you are looking at $40-$50.

There are printer settings you can change like “draft” mode that reduces the quality. And that works OK for printing, for example, directions where you aren’t concerned about the fine details of the print job. But for printing your taxes, applications, or resumes, that won’t do!

So here is one more idea for you to consider.

It’s all about that font!

Seems so simple, doesn’t it? But some fonts are ink hogs compared to others because of the shape of the letters. Think about a thin-looking font like Century Gothic versus a big, bold font like Rockwell Extra Bold.

The font might be something trivial to think about from a money saving standpoint. But again, look how much those ink cartridges cost.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay decided to change their default font years ago and the savings are staggering. Just from printed emails, they will save 30 percent on ink by changing their font to Century Gothic from Arial.

By the numbers

Ink can cost up to $10,000 per gallon, so a 30 percent savings is substantial. But for the average home printer, it still can make a difference.

Research shows that changing your font and not the quality settings can save you between $20 and $80 per year. The best fonts are Century Gothic and Times New Roman.

Stay away from the bold fonts, as they waste the most ink.

Looking for a printer with two years of ink included?

Speaking of saving on ink, I want to introduce you to our sponsor Epson and the EcoTank Printer. We use Epson EcoTank printers in our office. They come with enough ink for up to two years! That’s enough for 11,200 pages with the Epson EcoTank 4750. Click here to see their line of printers.

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