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Radio ads drive 29% increase in search results

Do you listen to the radio? What about the commercials? Whether you do on a regular basis or not, you’re most likely familiar with various formats such as music or talk.

With streaming services on the scene along with podcasts and many other ways to listen to your favorite radio content, some want you to think radio is on the way out and that advertisers have lost interest. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Radio ads = search results

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has released new research showing radio advertising drives search results by 29 percent, especially during weekdays. The research was based on the analysis of over 2,100 local radio ads in six categories. 

“We already know that radio delivers a strong return on an advertisers’ investment,” said RAB President/CEO Erica Farber. “Now we know it drives search results across a number of advertising categories in addition to other metrics.”

“The study proves that radio significantly impacts digital behaviors and activities – and is even more relevant in a digital and e-commerce world,” added Media Monitors President/CEO Philippe Generali. 

Many in the industry feel radio is undervalued but now information is being uncovered that shows the impact radio is regularly providing to advertisers.

Advertisers are looking at radio data and analytics and are gaining new insights on how this is a good platform to sell ads on. Specifically, the research offers insights on how to execute price deals, new product features and the mention of specific locations.

The RAB designed and commissioned the study this summer in the top 31 markets.

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