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Online banking glitch is double billing customer accounts

Online banking makes it much easier to keep track of deposits, withdrawals and bill payments.

Most banks offer an array of services to help you monitor all of your transactions and you have a history of expenditures at your fingertips.

But like anything else, problems can pop up and when it comes to your finances, even small issues can have a big impact.

Banking glitch affecting customers

That’s what’s happened to some customers of online banking through Wells Fargo. The company experienced what it’s calling a “computer glitch.” That glitch led to customers being double billed for some transactions and as a result, they incurred overdraft fees, some customers were unable to make purchases because of the problem.

Wells Fargo is encouraging all customers to pay special attention to their accounts to make sure there aren’t any errors. The company says it will take care of any fees that were incurred because of the glitch.

Easy way to monitor transactions

Even though you can’t prevent problems like this from happening, you can set up account alerts to help you monitor your money. Just download the app from your financial institution. Alerts can come to you in the form of texts or emails and let you know when bills have been processed when your balance dips to a certain amount, and even when a certain amount of money is spent. You can also opt in for a daily account update. Credit card companies also offer alerts to let you know when a payment is due and when you are getting close to your credit limit. There are also apps available to help you make sure you never pay another hidden late fee again.

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