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10 careers with the best (and worst) job security in 2023

Last year was chaotic for employees and job seekers alike. Mass layoffs and recession fears made the professional world feel like a minefield. Many people are worried about their job security.

Not all jobs are equal, though. Some are more secure than others. Recent research exposed the top 10 careers with the best and worst job security in 2023. We compiled the findings into this simple guide to help you prepare for the new year.

If your career is in danger, it may be time to expand your professional skillset. With these free Google courses, you can earn job certificates that make your resume stand out. But before you make a game plan for the new year, check out these lists to see where you stand.

If you have any of these jobs, you may have to worry about job security

During the height of the pandemic, many companies sent employees to their homes. This was easier on white-collar workers than blue-collar professionals. However, the roles are reversing, according to Business Insider.

In that, office workers may be more vulnerable than truck drivers, manufacturers or miners. Tech and finance professionals should be especially wary due to recent layoffs from giants like Amazon, Meta, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Robinhood and Coinbase.

It may be at risk if your job depends on luxury goods or services. Jobs that rely on non-essential products are usually in danger during economic downturns. This includes jobs in these sectors: Real estate, auto dealerships, leisure, entertainment, travel and fashion.

Although there isn’t a list of the top 10 jobs with the least job security in 2023, it’s good to keep an eye on overall trends. This way, you can best prepare yourself for any financial rollercoaster life straps you into.

Are you anxious about losing your job?

📉 Just remember: This is a generalized list of trends. There are tons of unique factors to keep in mind.

📈 For instance, your company may be doing well. Thus, you may be safer than someone with a similar job who works for a different company.

💡 However, if you’re worried about how the workforce will change in 2023, follow these tips.

3 ways to secure your job in an uncertain economy

  • Be a proactive problem solver: Are there common problems your company deals with? Brainstorm solutions and offer them to your manager or supervisor the next time you have a meeting.
  • Be positive: Go out of your way to be a team player and boost team morale. Your coworkers will appreciate it, especially during stressful times of economic downturn.

However, nothing in life is certain. In case anything happens, update your resume. Here are four ways to create a winning resume.

Top 10 careers with the best job security this year

Some professions are more endangered than others. A recent report from Payscale identified the safest careers to have at this moment in time. Researchers analyzed salary data for over 1.1 million American workers between Oct. 2021 and Oct. 2022.

On top of that, they also looked over hiring and quit rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. After crunching the numbers, they rounded up the 10 most “recession-proof” jobs.

They earn this title because of wage growth in the past year. According to the numbers, some people in these positions earn 30% more than they made in 2021.

The report says that other positions, including dock workers and emergency dispatchers, are also in high demand as it has been challenging to attract and retain people for these jobs. Yet the services they provide are essential even during a downturn.

Top recession-proof jobs for 2023

  1. Waiter: Restaurants are struggling to find talent for this essential job, so servers are in high demand.
  2. Private banker: Many Americans want financial advice in case of a 2023 economic downturn.
  3. Media director: Many industries depend on people who plan and execute marketing campaigns.
  4. Police, fire or ambulance dispatchers: These jobs have become more stressful in recent years, so wages are rising to retain workers.
  5. Sales consultant: Sales strategies are especially important in the current economy, Payscale reports.
  6. Microbiologist: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, microbiologist wages started rising as the demand for vaccine research has increased.
  7. Marketing and business development director: Companies are especially likely to value the people who push their products during difficult times.
  8. Dock worker: The supply chain crisis — as well as COVID causing a shortage of dock workers — highlighted just how important this job was.
  9. Electrocardiogram technician: Machines that monitor the heart and lungs are advancing and becoming more affordable, the report found.
  10. Installation technician: Thanks to the Communications Workers of America union, these professionals won substantial wage increases in 2022 — along with job security and privacy protections. Here’s all you need to know.

Now that we’ve covered job security, here’s another tip for pros

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