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Cities and states that pay the most for IT and cybersecurity jobs

When I say I host a national tech radio show, you can imagine the questions I get. “Can you help me get my PC to turn on?” “Why is my phone doing this weird thing?” Sorry, my friends. I’m here for all your digital lifestyle questions, but leave the IT work to those pros.

Maybe you’re one of them or know someone who is. Hey, this is even worth passing along to someone in your family wanting to choose their career path. Here are the best and worst states to score a well-paying IT or cybersecurity job.

Let’s start with cybersecurity roles

Which cities pay the highest salaries? San Jose, California, $148,000; San Francisco, $137,000; New York, $135,000; Austin, $134,000; Seattle, $130,000.

🤠 Giddyup: Major cities in Texas are among the worst-paying for most cybersecurity and information security jobs. Austin is the exception.

What about IT support?

You’ll get paid the most in D.C., $96,000; New York, $94,000; San Francisco, $92,000; San Jose, $90,000; Los Angeles, $86,000. 

☀️ It’s always sunny: California is the spot for IT support techs, engineers, help desk techs and support analysis. 

Salary doesn’t matter if there aren’t job openings

You’ll find the highest demand for IT and cybersecurity pros in Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Florida. The top cities are Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Tampa and Minneapolis.

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