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Big insurance company will give you a free Apple Watch

It’s been said that the best things in life aren’t free, and that typically includes the latest technology like the Apple Watch. That is, until now.

As Apple continues to roll out smartwatch features with a heavy focus on health such as an FDA-approved heart monitor and fall detection sensor, the company is working on more ways to get one of their watches on your wrist. And part of that initiative involves working with different insurance companies.

One of those insurers, which happens to be the largest health-care company in the U.S., is prepared to give you an Apple Watch for free. The catch? That depends on how many steps you’re willing to take.

Get rewarded for walking toward a healthier you

Maybe you don’t get up and walk around enough during the day. You’re busy and that activity usually winds up on the back burner. But would an incentive like a free Apple Watch motivate you to make it a much larger part of your daily routine? That’s what UnitedHealthcare is counting on.

UnitedHealthcare covers approximately 50 million people across the country, and for the last three years, they’ve offered a program that rewards customers who walk 10,000 steps or more each day. There are reportedly already hundreds of thousands of members enrolled in the “Motion” program, but UnitedHealthcare is upping the ante. They’re looking to get additional people to sign up – both existing and new customers alike.

That’s where Apple comes in.

How the program works

After employers sign up for the program, workers are eligible to request an Apple Watch Series 3. There’s no charge for the watch itself, but you do have to pay tax and shipping. After receiving the watch, you’re expected to reach the daily goals for the “FIT” program, and $4 increments start falling off the existing “balance” each successful day. That includes (Frequency) completing 500 steps in seven minutes an hour apart at least six times per day, (Intensity) completing 3,000 steps in 30 minutes at least once per day and (Tenacity) completing at least 10,000 steps per day. Keep knocking off $4 a day and after 6 months, the watch is yours free and clear.

If you don’t complete enough goals during that time, you’ll be expected to pay for a percentage of its cost. Customers who already own an Apple Watch can still sign up, and will instead earn monetary rewards for completing the goals.

Aetna began a similar program two years ago.

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