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How to apply for new work from home job that’s in high demand

Working from home became the go-to mode of labor for much of the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, as the pandemic shifts in new directions, many are wondering whether this remote work trend is here to stay.

From what we can tell, signs point to yes. Not only does working from home give employers less overhead to worry about, but it also helps workers stay safe from potential exposure to the virus. Tap or click here to see how to get yourself started working from home.

With work-from-home gigs still in high demand, many job seekers are struggling to find openings as the new economy takes shape. Luckily, at least one company is giving workers new opportunities by allowing them to turn their home office into a remote call center. We’ll show you how, plus, we’ll connect you with 19 companies that are currently hiring remote workers.

NexRep is making it easy to find remote work

Staffing agencies are often a great starting point for job seekers. These companies typically connect workers with employers looking to bulk up their crews, and they can easily transition workers to new employers once contracts expire.

But with in-person jobs at an all-time low, remote staffing agencies like NexRep are leading the pack in bringing remote workers and employers together. According to CNBC, NexRep has helped companies like Teledoc expand their workforce by 40% since the start of the pandemic.

What kind of jobs is NexRep helping people find? Call center jobs, that’s what. But unlike traditional call centers, which typically reside in unremarkable office buildings, NexRep allows workers to use their own office or living room as their base of operations. It’s an easy way for workers to get back on their feet without ever leaving home.

Remote call center work offers a good balance of safety and pay, with most workers making well above the federal minimum wage. Starting pay is usually in the range of $10 hourly, with most workers averaging between $12-$14 hourly. This is similar to the pay most essential workers are getting these days, but with none of the risk of infection.

It also offers parents with children an opportunity to keep a closer eye on their family while schools remain closed.

Out of work? Tap or click here to check out this essential website before applying to any jobs.

To get started, all you’ll need to do is visit NexRep’s official website and select Agents to apply. You’ll be asked to provide your personal information and resume, and you’ll be able to enter any additional preferences like hours as you progress through the application.

NexRep’s staff continues to grow, and although the pay may not be as high as some of the pre-pandemic rates, it’s a good opportunity to keep the money rolling in while you look for additional work.

Bonus: Which companies are hiring remote workers right now?

NexRep isn’t the only company looking for remote workers right now, but it is one of the easiest to get started with. But if you want to cast your net as wide as possible, you can’t go wrong with applying to several of these lucrative remote positions compiled by FlexJobs. Even if just one of these companies makes you an offer, that’s a win for you.

Robert Half International

One of the nation’s largest staffing agencies offering numerous roles — both remote and in-person.

Remote work-from-home jobs hiring now:

UnitedHealth Group

A premier health insurance group with multiple branches across the U.S.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Acclaimed cloud application and data firm that powers some of the world’s biggest companies.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Outsourced staffing services and a range of HR solutions for clients across several industries.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Authentication security solutions.

Remote jobs hiring now:


The world’s biggest online retailer. What else is there to say?

Remote jobs hiring now:

American Red Cross

Emergency response and disaster relief.

Remote jobs hiring now:


An industry leader in inbound marketing and sales.

Remote jobs hiring now:

Kelly Services

Outsourcing, consulting and staffing services for multiple industries.

Remote jobs hiring now:


One of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Specializing in cloud-based customer relationship management software and related solutions.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Security technology and threat protection with clients ranging from government to defense.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Healthcare and insurance services.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Information technology and data security services.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Specializing in educational content and materials.

Remote jobs hiring now:

PRA Health Sciences

Global medical and drug research company.

Remote jobs hiring now:


A provider of cloud-based digital solutions for the medical and healthcare field.

Remote jobs hiring now:


A global company focused on exceptional customer experiences and work-life balance.

Remote jobs hiring now:


Cloud-based web communications platform.

Remote jobs hiring now:

Anthem, Inc.

Americas largest not-for-profit healthcare company.

Remote jobs hiring now:

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Specializing in contracted hiring and staffing.

Remote jobs hiring now:


The popular social media platform with a bird icon and an irascible user base.

Remote jobs hiring now:

Red Hat

Infrastructure solutions for cloud-based computing.

Remote jobs hiring now:

Achieve Test Prep

Academic support, college consulting and test preparation for students and scholars.

Remote jobs hiring now:

Once you get the hang of working from home and work out all the bugs, it can be great. Just not having to commute in rush hour traffic is enough to put a smile on your face every day.

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