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Get your household items in bulk with new same-day pickup option

Walmart continues to turn up the heat on Amazon, and now they have yet another new service rolling out to customers. This time, though, it’s not exactly free.

Groceries have become the new battlefield as Amazon, Walmart and Target slug it out to see which company can corner that lucrative market. Walmart’s latest offering could just raise the stakes.

A Walmart affiliate will now offer curbside service for all those items you buy in bulk. Read how it works and what role it could play in the grocery race.

Same-day Sam’s Club

This week, Walmart-owned Sam’s Club announced Club Pickup, a same-day pickup service available to all of its members for free at all of its 589 locations across the country. It’s easy, efficient and a great way not to buy things you don’t really need — as many of us often do while wandering through a Sam’s Club.

All you have to do is go to Sam’s Club website or app, pick the items you want and pay online or when you go to pick up the items. When your order is ready, you will get a text message from your nearby Sam’s Club. Orders will be ready within four hours.

You’ll then go to a designated place at the Sam’s Club (the pickup areas vary depending on your store), get your purchases and even get help loading them into your car. While there is no minimum price to use Club Pickup, members are limited to 15 items.

Items available for pick up are:

  • Groceries
  • Frozen foods
  • Electronics
  • Office supplies
  • Baby needs
  • Grills, Patio Furniture, Playground Equipment
  • Health and Beauty Aids
  • Household Supplies
  • Mattresses
  • Case Meats

Items not eligible for the Club Pickup service include jewelry, apparel, mobile phones, books, music and magazines. Find more information about Club Pickup here.


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The grocery delivery war

While, Amazon, Walmart and Target offer a variety of ways to buy and get you non-perishable items fast, same-day pickup is one thing but same-day grocery deliveries have been a tougher nut to crack. Yes, it’s convenient to have your groceries delivered on the same day, but is it worth the cost?

Amazon offers same-day delivery with its Amazon Key. The problem is that Amazon’s main grocery partner is Whole Foods, which may not be for everyone. Also, it’s only available to Amazon Prime members, which makes the service expensive.

Walmart will begin its InHome grocery delivery in some areas this fall. Few details are available about the service, but it may operate like Amazon Key.

Walmart’s current grocery options are ordering online and getting free curbside pickup or paying up to $10 to have the items delivered to your home and who knows how much Walmart will charge for InHome service.

The current home delivery option is part of Walmart’s Delivery Unlimited subscription plan, which is $98 a year and requires a minimum order of $30.

Meanwhile, Target has expanded its same-day delivery service on thousands of items including groceries. You can pay a $99 annual fee for the service or pay $9.99 per order with a minimum purchase of $35.

Walmart Delivery Unlimited

  • Price: 15-day free trial period then $12.95 per month OR $98 annually on orders pr $30 or more (InHome service will most likely come as an added charge)
  • Benefits: The service is/will be available in many areas across the country, and Walmart works with a number of delivery services.
  • Learn more at Walmart’s website

Amazon Prime/Whole Foods

  • Price: $119 Prime membership AND add an optional $15 to access Amazon Fresh
  • Benefits: It’s still rolling out to more cities, where Prime members can choose pickup or delivery. It’s a higher annual fee, but Prime also comes with fast shipping on Amazon’s main site, along with other perks like Amazon Prime Video, ebooks and more.
  • Learn more at Amazon’s website


  • Price: 2 weeks free when signing up as an annual member, which costs $99 OR $14 per month for orders of $35 or more
  • Benefits: This was just expanded to offer same-day service for $9.99 per order if you’re not looking to subscribe.
  • Learn more at Target’s website App background

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