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Amazon Prime Day online shopping

Get this free tool to score the best deals during Amazon Prime Day

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day? If you haven’t downloaded this free tool yet, believe us, you’re not ready.

Amazon is offering an Amazon Assistant browser extension so you can start working on your Prime Day wishlist. This will give you easy access to products you’re keeping your eye on for Prime Day discounts.

There are many other tasks the Amazon Assistant browser extension will do to help you get the best deals you can on the items you want on Amazon Prime Day, July 15-16. Keep reading and we’ll show you how it works.

How to install Amazon Assistant

The Amazon Assistant browser extension is designed for top browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To add the extension, open your browser of choice and type in

You’ll go straight to the Amazon Assistant site, which will have a button asking you to install the extension on whichever of the three supported browsers you are using.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll see a green circle with a white “a” for Amazon on the very top right hand of your browser’s toolbar.

What Amazon Assistant can do

If you’re on another website, you can still click the button on the toolbar and a drop-down menu will appear showing you top trending deals, deals of the day, sales and your wish list.

But, as soon as you click on any of those you will be sent to the full Amazon site.


For keeping an eye out for Prime Day bargains, place items on your wish list. I put the Blu-ray edition of “Captain Marvel” on my list.

So when I clicked on the “Your Lists” icon in the drop-down menu, I was sent straight to my wish list. There, I could see how much of a discount Amazon Prime members receive on an item and can continue to watch to see if there are any more price drops during Amazona Prime Day.


Now, this is cool! If you’re shopping on another site, just click the Amazon button on your toolbar and you can actually put the product you like from another retailer into your Amazon wish list. Amazon will show you whether it has it or not.

Let’s say you’re on a competitor’s site and you want to check out how they’re pricing Amazon’s Dot. The Amazon Assistant will actually put a banner at the top of your browser so you can see Amazon’s prices for similar items.

The Amazon Assistant extension will really shine on Amazon Prime Day, though. When a deal goes live, the Amazon Assistant button on your toolbar will show an alert displaying the deals you’re tracking that have gone live. Click the alert to see what’s going on with a particular item you are watching so you can find out if the price is right for you.

Here at, we’re busy helping you prepare for Amazon Prime Day. In the days leading up to the event, we’ll be providing you with the extensive information you need so you can get the most from the special event.

Keep checking in with all week for more helpful tips. And don’t forget to grab the free app to stay on top of breaking news updates, consumer tech and weather alerts.

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