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car repair at the mechanic
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Get this: CarShield just saved me $4,300!

Presented by CarShield - CarShield Cars Go Farther!

Presented by CarShield - CarShield Cars Go Farther!

Call 1-800-858-2550 and mention code KIM, or visit and use code KIM to save 10%.

If you’re a regular listener of my show, you know about CarShield.

Need a little refresher? CarShield is an auto protection company that can save you thousands on covered repairs. CarShield offers customizable and flexible payment plans with no long-term contracts.

More than a year ago, I purchased CarShield to cover my mother’s car, a 2010 Mercedes Benz. After she passed away, the car went back into my name, and a longtime friend of the family approached me about buying it for his wife. Before we talked price, I took it to the dealership for a top-to-bottom inspection.

Now, the car has just over 21,000 miles on it. That’s great, right? Well, not really. Because the car hadn’t been driven much, the fluids settled. It needs a brand-new transmission and differential. Seeing money signs? Yeah, I did, too.

The quote came back, and, wouldn’t you know it, the repairs were going to cost me $4,400. The value of the car is around $15,000, so this was hard to swallow. Then I remembered I have CarShield!

I called them up and got confirmation that same day: The job is now going to cost me just $100. WOW.

Even if we take the amount I paid for coverage into account — $90 a month for the last year — I still saved $3,200! CarShield is great because you can choose your own mechanic or dealership to do the work.

Take it from me: CarShield really can save you thousands. You pick your favorite mechanic and CarShield’s administrators take care of the rest. It’s like having a personal team of auto-repair problem solvers. Plans from CarShield even provide roadside assistance, rental coverage and trip reimbursement — all at no additional charge! 

Whether your car has 5,000 miles or 150,000 miles, CarShield has monthly coverage options to fit your budget. 

Get coverage today and see why CarShield cars go further. You can save even more with my special link. Go to to save 10%!

A deductible may apply.

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