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Find out if your state is having a back-to-school tax-free weekend

Can you believe summer is almost over? It really seems to fly by once the Fourth of July comes and goes.

And you know what the end of summer means. Yep, kids will soon be coming home from camp, hanging up their little league gloves and heading back to school.

That means it’s time to stock up on new clothing and school supplies. This can cost a pretty penny, especially if you have more than one child to buy for. But we have good news, your state might offer special savings that can really help your pocketbook.

Big savings on school supplies

Going back to school in style is important to children. They’re always going to want a new wardrobe to keep up with today’s fashions.

Clothing alone can be expensive, but that’s not all we need to pick up. There are also backpacks, pens, pencils, books, notepads and a range of other items that they’ll need to make it through the school year.

It’s estimated that parents will spend an average of $510 per household on the things their kids need this year for school. But some states across the U.S. do offer a little relief.

Many states have what’s known as a tax-free weekend for back-to-school purchases. The items that can be purchased tax-free vary from state to state, so be sure and check what’s eligible before you go shopping so you have a game plan. I’ll list eligible products below.

Here are the states that offer the discount and when it’s available:

  • Alabama – (Note: Alabama’s 2018 tax-free weekend has already happened.)
  • Arkansas – August 4 to August 5. Eligible items include: clothing, footwear, art supplies and school supplies.
  • Connecticut – August 19 to August 25: clothing and footwear.
  • Florida – August 3 to August 5: school supplies, clothing.
  • Iowa – August 3 to August 4: clothing, footwear.
  • Louisiana – August 3 to August 4: school supplies.
  • Maryland – August 12 to August 18: clothing and footwear.
  • Mississippi – July 27 to July 28: clothing and footwear.
  • Missouri – August 3 to August 5: clothing, computers, graphing calculators, school supplies.
  • New Mexico – August 3 to August 5: backpacks, clothing, computers, footwear, computer equipment, handheld calculators, school supplies.
  • Ohio – August 3 to August 5: clothing, school supplies.
  • Oklahoma – August 3 to August 5: clothing, footwear.
  • South Carolina – August 3 to August 5: clothing, computers, footwear, school supplies.
  • Tennessee – July 27 to July 29: art supplies, clothing, computers, school supplies.
  • Texas – August 10 to August 12: clothing, footwear, school supplies.
  • Virginia – August 3 to August 5: clothing, footwear, school supplies.
  • Wisconsin – August 1 to August 5: clothing, computers, school supplies.

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