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employee retention credit in 2023
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I got over $400K in government COVID relief (not PPP!)

Presented by - Get refunds for keeping employees during COVID

Presented by - Get refunds for keeping employees during COVID

Find out if your small business qualifies for up to $26,000/employee in ERC assistance! Go to to get started.

You could be missing out on a free $26K check. Thanks to an employee retention credit tax refund, you could get cash from the government — all for keeping your employees during the pandemic. This guide will show you how to earn money for actions you took during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the Employee Retention Credit tax refund can help you

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That means you may not have time to apply for valuable government loans. Due to your busy schedule, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars. Here’s a quick recap:

  • It all comes down to the CARES Act, one of the relief bills the government passed during the pandemic to help small businesses like yours.
  • PPP loans and the Employee Retention Credit (or ERC for short) were part of the CARES Act.
  • You can no longer get money through PPP loans because they ended in 2021.
  • But the ERC is different. You can still qualify for it.

Bottom line: If you kept your full-time or equivalent W2 employees on payroll during COVID-19, you could be entitled to a huge refund. Thanks to the ERC, you can apply to make up to $26K per employee you kept on staff during the pandemic.

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Finding out if you’re eligible can take a long time

Since you’re busy, taking the time to get your refund might sound daunting. Getting a refund for payroll taxes can be a long process. You might have to extensively research payroll taxes (how fun), communicate with the IRS (super exciting) or even seek advice from a lawyer (uh-oh).

Due to the complexity of the requirements and documentation, obtaining this refund can be time-consuming and exhausting. I bet you’re considering whether pursuing an ERC refund is even worthwhile.

Drop that line of thinking right now. There’s a better, easier way to get your money. It all comes down to our sponsor, Can you do us a favor? When you fill out the form, select Radio in the Where did you hear about us drop-down menu. Thank you!

In less than 8 minutes, you can see if your business qualifies for up to $26,000 per employee kept on payroll during COVID-19. has helped businesses claim over $3 billion in payroll tax refunds through ERC, and they can help you too. Plus, there’s no upfront charge — they don’t get paid until your business gets its refund.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity. Visit today to see if you qualify for free money.

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