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eBay is making a massive change you need to know about

Are you ready to trade in your smartphone? Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone fan, this is a good time to do that.

The new iPhones XR, XS and XS Max just hit store shelves. Samsung has the new Galaxy Note9 and Google’s selling its new Pixel 3.

Of course, you can go directly to the sources for these phones, which will set you back quite a few hundred dollars. Worse, you probably know that your old phone’s trade-in value is a lot less than you think it should be.

We’ve got a surprising solution for you to get more money for your trade-in. It’s eBay and its new Instant Selling feature.

eBay will almost instantly give you a voucher for your smartphone and it could not be easier. You go to the site’s Instant Selling page.

There, you tell it the make and model of the smartphone you’re selling. They’ll ask a few other quick questions, like its condition, then they’ll tell you how much it’s worth.

For instance, they’ll give you $616 for a used space gray, 64GB iPhone X that’s in good condition from T-Mobile. They are offering trade-in vouchers for a long list of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola, BlackBerry and others.

Here’s how it works. After you put in your phone’s details, eBay will send you a voucher for your phone for the price they said they’d pay. They’ll give you a mailing label to ship the smartphone you’re selling to them.

eBay says they’ll pay more for your smartphone than most carriers and sites like Gazelle will pay for a trade-in. In fact, they say they’ll pay an average of 40 percent above the trade-in value.

Note: Be sure to find out how much eBay’s selling fees are for your smartphone. Scroll down to the bottom of the Instant Selling page for for the eBay Fee Calculator.


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