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Check out eBay for help on those spring DIY projects

Between the polar vortex and other less-than-perfect weather, it might not seem like spring is ever coming for some parts of the country. But fear not, spring still shows up every year … eventually.

And hey, the beginning of warm weather means getting back outside. But it can also mean spring cleaning, both inside the house and out. It could also mean tackling some of those home improvement projects you might have been putting off.

And that’s where eBay comes in. If you’re still looking for some of the tools to take on those home DIY jobs, we’ve got some ideas that’ll help.

Make DIY jobs easy with eBay

Let’s start outside, because warm weather usually means it’s time to start mowing the lawn again. But maybe your old mower’s about ready to give up and it’s time for an upgrade. So how about one that’ll mow for you?

Husqvarna Automower Model 315, eBay, $1,475.99

Husqvarna Automower on eBay

Yes, it’s more expensive than the kind you push but it’s small, has a timer and best of all, it’s quiet so you can run it at any time during the day. The Husqvarna Automower Model 315 is listed for $1,475.99 on eBay. But as of this story, there’s only a few left.

Now maybe you’ve got a lot of dirt left behind from all the snow and ensuing mud. Or maybe it’s time to re-stain the deck and it needs to be prepped. That’s no problem with a pressure washer.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer, eBay, $109.99 (factory refurbished)

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer on eBay

Check out the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer. It’s made for cleaning homes, buildings, RVs, cars, trucks, driveways, lawns — you name it. The company has its own outlet store on eBay, and you can get a factory-refurbished model for $109.99.

Now we’re going to head indoors. Each fall, you’re supposed to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. But how about this spring, you just replace them with a combo smoke/carbon monoxide detector that’ll alert you through your phone?

Nest Protect Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector, eBay, $119.99

Nest Protect Smoke-Carbon Monoxide Detector on eBay

Check out this battery-powered Nest Protect combo smoke and carbon monoxide detector sold by Nest directly through eBay. The second generation model has been redesigned from the inside-out, tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade. And it can be managed through your smartphone. The battery-powered models are $119.99 each.

Do you have some fixer-upper jobs to do around the house? You better have a good cordless drill to help you get everything finished.

Makita XFD061 Compact Cordless Driver-Drill Kit, eBay, $159

Makita compact cordless driver-drill kit on eBay

Get a Makita compact cordless driver-drill for jobs both big and small. It’s great in small spaces, has a built-in LED light and weighs less than four pounds with the battery installed. Get yours at eBay for $159.

And finally, if that front door deadbolt keeps sticking and it’s finally time to replace it, consider upgrading to a smart lock.

Schalge Sense Smart Deadbolt, eBay, $159.95

Schlage Sense deadbolt on eBay

This lock works with Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit, and comes with a built-in alarm that senses potential door attacks. Unlock it with a key, a code or your smartphone. The Schlage Sense on eBay is listed for $159.95.

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