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illegal jobs on dark web
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These (illegal) Dark Web jobs pay a whopping $20K per month

Can you get rich online as a cybercriminal? Absolutely, and we’re here to tell you why it’s a terrible idea. Criminals are offering skilled technicians enormous salaries to do their bidding. If you’ve ever dreamt of being the ultimate hacker henchman, you could not be alive at a more opportune time.

Read on for details on jobs posted on the Dark Web that pay tons and why you should avoid them.

How to get rich by exploiting others online

According to Kaspersky, developers can earn up to $20,000 monthly on the Dark Web. How? By engaging in dirty work. In many cases, creating all the stuff your favorite antivirus software works night and day to protect you from.

Hackers, reverse engineers and IT professionals are also in high demand. Other groups may seek frontmen who sell contraband, drugs and, in some cases, human beings and organs on shady, fraudulent marketplaces.

Some professionals may be drawn to opportunities like these, as getting hired usually requires no education, no clean criminal record and no previous experience (if you can get the results they’re after consistently). Some people may apply without realizing the nature of the role or goals of the organization.

A great rule of thumb, if you’re seeking work on the Dark Web, is to avoid any listing that feels too good to be true. Usually, this will look like an enormous starting salary and few formal qualifications.

Be sure to thoroughly vet the company you’re hoping to work with and confirm that any points of contact are real people who are affiliated with the genuine brand.

Getting caught would be a nightmare. Your participation implicates you legally, and you’ll likely be ruled an accessory at best. Is it worth that huge salary? No. It isn’t. Your freedom is more valuable than money.

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