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Bitcoin creator now one of world’s richest – but who is he/she?

Bitcoin is still on a huge rally with a price around $19,000. These high prices have allegedly made the Winklevoss twins billionaires.

One person or persons hasn’t come up too much, the creator of Bitcoin. That’s partly due to the fact no one really knows who that is. The name that is often floating around is “Satoshi Nakamoto,” but it’s not a real name, just the nom de guerre of the person or people who created it.

It’s believed the creator has 980,000 Bitcoins.

What we know about “Satoshi Nakamoto”

Honestly, not much. The person or persons who created Bitcoin used the fake name in posts online. Several people have been accused of being Nakamoto by analyzing the posts and comparing them to others.

There was also an incident where several publications claimed it was an Australian man named Craig Wright. Wright had his house raided on tax-related charges and at first, denied being Nakamoto, but then later changed his story admitting it was him.

The only problem was that Wright could not “sign” the first data block of Bitcoin. That is something the real creator would be able to do. So it’s still a mystery.

How rich is he/she?

Bitcoin reached a high of $19,771 over the weekend. This would have made Nakamoto the 44th richest person in the world with a net worth of over $19 billion!

As we have seen, the price is fluctuating quite a bit. Monday saw a price of $18,756, which would have dropped the creator down to 47th place. Either way, it’s a serious amount of cash.

Some are still calling this a bubble, others think it may continue to rise. If it does crash, it will be a hard one that many will feel.

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