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Not happy with something you bought on Amazon? Huge change coming for third-party items

We’ve become super reliant on Amazon for many of our purchases. If you can think of it, you’ll probably find it on Amazon and have it in your hands within a couple of days. Though essentials and other supplies are more readily available this year, the urge to buy, buy, buy is hard to kick.

There’s nothing wrong with some impulse buys, but be careful. Getting a useless trinket is one thing, but ordering something that could be hazardous to your health is another. Tap or click here to check out a list of 10 products you should never buy on Amazon.

If you happen to purchase a defective product that causes property damage or personal injury from a third party, Amazon says to contact the seller. It’s not their problem. This week Amazon is updating its policy regarding such matters, and you may be able to file a claim and get paid in this situation.

Here’s the backstory

Amazon’s own products can prove to be dangerous. AmazonBasics items are inexpensive and readily available, but there’s more to them than that. Some are bursting into flames due to poor quality control. Tap or click here for more details and some alternatives.

While you can likely get a full refund for your defective AmazonBasics products, this hasn’t always been the case when it comes to purchasing from third parties. This week, Amazon updated its A-Z Guarantee return policy.

How to get a refund from Amazon

Beginning Sept. 1, customers will be able to contact Amazon directly regarding defective goods that have caused property damage or injury. Amazon itself could pay out claims under certain circumstances. Here’s what the new policy breaks down to.

  • Amazon will directly pay customers for claims under $1,000, which account for more than 80% of cases. This will come at no cost to sellers.
  • Amazon may step in to pay claims for higher amounts if the seller is unrespondive or rejects a claim Amazon believes to be valid.
  • Amazon is launching its “Insurance Accelerator” to help sellers buy insurance at competitive rates from trusted providers.

This is a good way to make Amazon look better in the eyes of regulators. This is especially crucial for Amazon at this point, as it has faced legal trouble. The Consumer Product Safety Commission sued the online retail juggernaut last month to force the recall of hazardous products.

Want to see everything you’ve ever ordered on Amazon? Tap or click here to learn how a new Chrome extension can show you your history in one document.

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