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Amazon sales are soaring…but why?

You already know that Amazon dominates the world of online shopping. It’s so popular that there are approximately 90 million Prime members in the U.S. alone.

Prime is just one of the amazing features Amazon offers. Alexa enabled devices are another.

Both Prime and Alexa devices have contributed to impressive earnings by the company.

Amazon’s impressive Q4 earnings

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Amazon generated a net sales increase of 38 percent. It had sales of $60.5 billion that quarter, up from $43.7 billion in Q4 of 2016.

These impressive earnings have been very beneficial to CEO Jeff Bezos. Already the world’s richest man, Bezos added an additional $20 billion to his wealth after this profit surge.

As we said earlier, an increase in Prime members and voice-activated Echo device sales are driving Amazon’s increase in sales.

When Amazon first launched its Alexa voice assistant in 2014, you had one option for bringing it into your home: the now-classic cylindrical Echo speaker. Since then, Amazon has introduced a slew of new hardware, including the dainty Dot, the portable Tap, and the touchscreen Show.

These handy helpers can make life easier with a simple voice command. You can use them to play music, control smart appliances, get details on your morning commute, and so much more.

Echo and Echo Dot bundle

The retail giant is even offering some nice bundle discounts on these gadgets. Right now if you purchase the Echo and Echo Dot together, you save $20.

You can pick this bundle up for $129 with free shipping. It’s normally $149. Click here to purchase this bundle from Amazon today.

FireTV stick and Echo Dot bundle

Another deal being offered right now is the FireTV stick and Echo Dot bundle. You will save $20 if you buy this combination for a limited time.

This bundle cost $69.98 with free shipping. It’s normally $89.98. Click here to buy this bundle from Amazon today.


Apple has long been on the cutting edge of audio devices, from the early days of the iPod on through the current high demand for the wireless AirPod headphones. Combine that with the company’s mature Siri voice assistant technology and anybody in the market for a home assistant should at least give the HomePod some serious consideration.

Click here for details on the release and what this new gadget will do!

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