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Amazon prescriptions

Is the cheap new way to get your prescription meds from Amazon worth it?

Amazon has embedded itself into almost every industry that an online marketplace can accommodate. Tap or click for 11 Amazon Prime perks you’ll wish you knew sooner. Now, the company has established a division dedicated to providing generic prescriptions. 

What is RxPass, and can it help you save on generic prescriptions? You’ll enjoy this add-on for only $5 per month if you’re already a Prime member.

Keep reading for details on Amazon’s prescription program and if it’s worth trying.

Is Amazon RxPass worth it?

First, the basics: what can you get with RxPass?

Prime members suffering from over 80 common health concerns will get a lot. For $5 per month, you’ll receive any medications covered under its list of eligible prescriptions. You read that right. It’s a flat fee, and anything you use on the list will arrive at your doorstep at no additional cost.

Aside from this incredible guarantee, members will also have access to Amazon pharmacists 24/7, even on weekends. With a representative to answer questions and guide you, it’s valuable (at least to us!).

How to get prescription medications through Amazon

The list of eligible pharmaceuticals was built with care. In fact, you won’t even need health insurance to get precisely what you need at a fair price. You can see the current list of eligible meds here.

When you build your RxPass profile, you can add your insurance information and see how much meds not on the eligible list will cost. But that’s for medications not on the eligible list. The $5 per month subscription fee covers everything on the list.

Signing up is easy if you’re interested. All you need to do is visit the branded portal and opt-in. Your RxPass will link automatically with your Amazon Prime account, which means you’ll have to do one less errand this week.

The price is worth it if you’re already using Amazon Prime and have more than a few prescriptions on the eligible list. Honestly, we love this concept. Especially for seniors needing accessible care and anybody dealing with many subscriptions.

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