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Amazon deal will save you a bundle

I’m sure that you all know about smart assistants at this point. We’re talking about virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

These handy helpers can make life easier with a simple voice command. You can use them to play music, control smart appliances, get details on your morning commute, and so much more.

What Amazon is trying to bring with its master blueprint it seems is not just a bunch of distinct gadgets thinly connected by a hub or a common Wi-Fi access point. Instead, it’s trying to get us to invite to our homes an entire family of practical smart appliances that will work seamlessly with each other.

And boy oh boy, the company is surely making it so easy for us to buy into this whole vision of the Amazon household. With all the fantastic Echo and Fire TV deals it regularly cooks up, it’s understandably hard to resist.

If you’re currently in the market for a great video streaming gadget, well, the new Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot bundle are too good to pass up.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote + Echo Dot Bundle

Amazon is currently selling a Fire TV Stick/Echo Dot bundle that’s only $69.98!

Hmm, how’s that a good deal, you may ask. Well, a Fire TV Stick on its own is $39.99 and an Echo Dot is $49.99. With a little math magic, that totals to $89.98.

That means you will save $20 with the bundle.

Why would you want to get a Fire TV Stick with an Echo Dot? With a recent update, you can now pair an Echo Dot with a Fire TV streaming gadget and control it remotely with your voice.

You can search for and control playback for movies and TV shows from streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Hulu just by asking Alexa. You can even open your other Fire TV apps with just your voice.

You can utter commands like “Alexa, show me action movies,” “Alexa, play Transparent,” “Alexa, play,” “Alexa, rewind” and your Fire TV will comply. It’s like having a futuristic video butler.

Buy this amazing Fire Stick bundle by clicking the button below.

[amazon_link asins=’B0758XXCSC’ template=’KomandoButton’ store=’komandocom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’10e0934b-01e2-11e8-87f1-cdab72e3a5f4′]

After a major delay, the highly anticipated Apple HomePod is hitting the market

Apple has long been on the cutting edge of audio devices, from the early days of the iPod on through the current high demand for the wireless AirPod headphones. Combine that with the company’s mature Siri voice assistant technology and anybody in the market for a home assistant should at least give the HomePod some serious consideration.

Click here for details on the release and what this new gadget will do!

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