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AI-generated fake reviews on Amazon

Scammers using AI to post fake reviews – And there’s a dead giveaway

There are so many great uses for ChatGPT. It can help you plan a trip, recommend new recipe ideas, write you a workout program, clean up an email … I could go on. Not such a great use? Product reviews.

Alas, I’m not surprised to see reviews very clearly left by artificial intelligence (AI) all over Amazon. Is this the beginning of automated spam? Oh boy.

“As an AI language model”

… is a phrase you’ve definitely seen if you’ve spent much time with ChatGPT. If you ask it to do something beyond its capabilities or that programmers put limits on, that’s its crutch phrase.

It’s also the glaringly obvious sign lazy people are using bots to write phony Amazon reviews. There are more of these than you’d think (I’m guessing computers don’t need “waist trimmers”… ).

Some scammers are smart …

These ones are not. I’m all for automating work, but they really should proofread this stuff before it goes up on Amazon. If you see it, move on. Better yet, do your fellow shoppers a favor and hit the “Report” button.

Amazon bans posts like these in theory, but many of them are still live. How long until the reviews are taken down? Not fast enough.

Pro tool to spot fake reviews

Not every fake review is going to look so, well, fake. There’s a tool you can use to help sort out the good from the bad: Fakespot

Just paste in a link and you’ll see a grade for those reviews. It works with Amazon, Walmart, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Steam, Sephora and BestBuy URLs. A or B is fine. C and D are sketchy and definitely avoid Fs.

🤖 How do we know when artificial intelligence has become self-aware?

It starts to think its bot is too big.

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