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51,000 products recalled due to potential explosion issues

A refreshing lemon-lime drink with a hint of creme or a diet cola with a splash of grape – with customizable carbonated beverages you can get exactly what you want! You could try to find one of those fancy soda machines at fast food restaurants or you could use SodaStream. However, after reading this article, you may not want to.

SodaStream is like a Keurig for for soda and sparkling water. It’s a machine that carbonates tap water and then you add your favorite flavors to make it tastier. A great idea, but not if the bottles aren’t safe for consumers to use.

SodaStream recently released a voluntary product recall for 51,000 bottles because they can, “burst under pressure, posing an injury hazard to the user or bystanders.” The carbonation machines come with special, reusable “carbonating bottles” that you must use to make drinks. The recall is for their blue, one liter dishwasher-safe carbonating bottles with expiration dates of April 2020.

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According to the company, these bottles were sold for about $15 at Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and some other locations between February 2016 and January 2017. If you own one of these bottles, SodaStream says you should stop using it immediately. Customers can get a full refund by filling out this form.

Note: These SodaStream bottles may not be the only unsafe product in your home. Although the makers of the My Friend Cayla doll haven’t issued any recalls, it has been banned in Germany because of security and privacy concerns. Click here to read more about the situation.

It seems SodaStream is taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive stance on the issue. So far, there have been no reports of injuries or any other incidents related to bursting bottles. Also, the recall was voluntary and not mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

To learn more about this product recall, click here for details listed on SodaStream’s website.

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