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5 apps that will save you money on things you’re already buying

Presented by GoodRx

Presented by GoodRx

Go to and start saving up to 80% on your prescriptions today!

Very few people are excited at the prospect of buying necessities. After all, who bounces up and down knowing they’ll have to go to the gas station or grocery store? They’re mundane parts of our daily routines, but they don’t have to be a total drag.

With the right apps, you can take care of your to-do list while saving money. It might sound strange if you’ve never used a cashback app before. There are cash-back credit cards and checking accounts you can sign up for. But you can also get money back through apps.

Thanks to these companies, you can put money back into your pocket even when spending it. While you probably won’t look forward to your next grocery shopping trip, you now have a silver lining. These five apps are legitimate cashback apps for shopping for groceries, gas and more.

1. GoodRx

Getting the care you need to stay healthy shouldn’t be complicated — or expensive. Everyone should be able to afford their medications. That’s why you should check out our sponsor, GoodRx.

With GoodRx, you can instantly compare prices for prescriptions at every pharmacy in your neighborhood and save up to 80%. GoodRx is free and easy to use. And many times, your savings with GoodRx are better than just using your insurance copay or Medicare.

With GoodRx, you can find discounts for prescriptions at over 70,000 pharmacies, like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Vons and Walmart.

Go to and start saving up to 80% on your prescriptions today!

2. Target Circle

The Target app can save you thousands over the years, especially if you use the Target Circle feature. When you have some downtime before shopping, open the app, click on Target Circle Offers, and look for the items you’re interested in. You’ll find all sorts of coupons that slash the prices.

Then, when you’re checking out with a Target cashier, follow these steps:

  • Open the Target Circle app.
  • Tap on Wallet.
  • Select Add extra offers to see what other coupons are available. (You may have missed some!)
  • Show your bar code.

Once the cashier scans the code, your coupons are applied. Here’s another tip: Maybe you searched for items in your shopping list on Target Circle, but you didn’t find any active coupons. You should still ask the cashier to scan your bar code because this can earn you money in the long run.

3. Capital One Shopping

Here’s another way to get great coupon codes. Capital One Shopping gives you Amazon prices — without requiring you to give money to one of the biggest tech giants. Anyone can use it to save money and time in a snap.

Capital One provides easy coupon codes that instantly apply to your card at checkout when you’re shopping online. You can even get exclusive rewards at your favorite stores. You earn Capital One Shopping Credits, which you can later redeem for gift cards.

It even analyzes the items in your cart, alerting you if it found a better offer on another shopping website. Tap or click here for our easy guide on Capital One Shopping.

4. GetUpside

If you’re sick of spending a fortune on gas, here’s a great way to save. With GetUpside, you can earn up to 25 cents for every gallon you fill. You can even get up to 35% back on restaurant purchases.

This cashback app gives you money back for transactions at restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores around the U.S. You just need to upload a picture of your receipt to the app. It can take anywhere from four to 24 hours for your cashback to finish processing.

5. ShopKick

This app takes a unique twist to how you earn points. As is typical with this type of shopping app, Shopkick gives you points when you purchase certain products and scan your receipts or shop online.

However, you can further earn points for merely walking into a brick-and-mortar retailer, watching product videos or scanning barcodes of specific products while in the store.

Accumulate enough points and cash them in for gift cards from brands including Starbucks, Sephora, Target and AMC Theaters. App background

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