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Here are 10 companies offering WFH jobs now

Working from home offers many perks (aside from not having to wear pants). The big one is you don’t have to commute. Think of all the money you’d save on gas! Plus, you can listen to music without disturbing anyone, have more time with your family and customize your office exactly as you want.

It’s not all bells and whistles. If you’re working from home or planning on it, there’s one big mistake that can cost you your job or worse. Here’s what you need to know.

Are you looking to get out of the office? Or maybe you know someone out of work. We’ve got a list of opportunities you’ll want to look at.

Remote gigs

Remote work opportunities are dwindling as companies bring people back to the office. The head honchos at Apple, Google, Meta and Amazon believe productivity suffers when people work from home. 

Still, the tech industry offers a better shot than most at snagging a remote or hybrid gig. Check out marketing and healthcare, too.

Here are 10 companies that are hiring for WFH positions right now:

  • Reddit: Employees at “the front page of the internet” can work at home or in the office. Their choice.
  • Spotify: The streaming service offers remote and hybrid options for employees.
  • Airbnb: It makes sense that a company based on travel lets its workers work from their choice of 170 countries for three months every year. 
  • Dropbox: Employees drop by the office for social events and training and spend the rest of their time working remotely. 
  • Pinterest: All employees must visit a Pinterest office at least once per year for “culture building” activities. Employees within the U.S. can work in their choice of all 50 states. Employees with at least six months on the job can work abroad for up to nine months per year (three months per country).
  • Hubspot: Workers can choose to come to the office 1-3 days per week or work from home full time. They can change their preference once per year.
  • Allstate Insurance: Staff has office, WFH and hybrid options.
  • Instacart: Employees have office, WFH and hybrid options and can live anywhere in the country.
  • Yelp: “The future of work is remote,” according to Yelp. Employees can work up to 90 days per calendar year from another location.
  • Verizon: Workers have office, WFH and hybrid options.

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