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Why you need a receipt scanner

Presented by Epson FastFoto

Presented by Epson FastFoto

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People always call Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, but they never mention the least wonderful. That would be tax time, which we spend drudging away at calculators and documents. Don’t forget your receipts, either.

If you have deductible expenses, you’ll want to take out your old receipts. You may have shoved them into some file cabinet, never to be seen until this time of the year. Try this trick before you sigh and resign yourself to a few hours of miserable organizing. Stop storing your receipts the old-fashioned way and digitize them.

A high-tech receipt scanner is key to making tax time easier. It saves you a ton of time down the line. Here’s all you need to know, thanks to our sponsor Epson.

Good news: You can get one on sale right now

It’s hard to go back once you’ve used one of these lightweight receipt scammers. Take the Epson Rapid Receipt Scanner, for example. These scanners are specifically designed to minimize tax time pain. They’re super handy because you can slip your receipts in, one at a time.

The Epson Rapid Receipt Scanner is small, lightweight and portable. You have to scan each receipt at a time — and it can scan up to 10 items per minute. It’s pretty versatile since it quickly scans invoices and receipts of any size.

It also automatically processes the information on those receipts into digital assets. That’s because it comes with ScanSmart Financial software and a few other programs that help you create searchable and editable PDFs. You don’t have to deal with subscription fees once you buy the smallest and lightest mobile single-sheet-fed document scanner on the market.

Best of all, it’s on sale. Normally, the Epson Rapid Receipt Scanner sells for around $220. Now, you can grab it for $179.99. Buy it now and you’ll save yourself $40 and a ton of headaches later on.

Why you need it

You no longer have to lug out your mountain of receipts by digitizing your paper records. You can consult your digital files for quick and easy tax filing. You minimize the physical mess and make the whole deduction process a snap by digitizing your receipts.

Receipt scanners are so helpful even celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal use them. Just gather up your receipts and start scanning and digitizing them. If you file your taxes online, this gadget is indispensable.

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The receipt scanner isn’t the only scanner on sale right now. Epson’s throwing a big sale, which means you can get great discounts on all its scanners. So if you need to scan and digitize notes, photos or other documents quickly, now’s the best time to buy.

Kim trusts this brand, and you should too

Now that you know why you need a receipt scanner, here’s why Epson is the best place to shop for these devices. With one of Epson’s scanners, you can scan receipts, homework, work documents, medical paperwork and more, all from the comfort of your home. There’s one downside to traditional scanners: They don’t automatically digitize the stuff you scan.

Epson goes above and beyond with all its gadgets, from scanners to printers. Unlike most printers, Epson lets you save on ink. That’s right: Buy from this brand and you don’t have to deal with expensive ink cartridges. They come with a ridiculous amount of ink right in the box — enough to print a whopping 6,000 color pages.

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