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How Amazon, Target and Walmart will pay you for old stuff

Several online platforms help sell your old stuff. Tap or click for a few options that are better than Craigslist.

But most people aren’t aware that their favorite retailers can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Many offer superior trade-in value for your stuff. Chances are, you’ll be able to get rid of your clutter without venturing further than your local shopping center.

Best Buy, Walmart and even Amazon will pay you for everything from baby carriages to old TVs or gaming consoles. Keep reading to find out how.

How to trade in old stuff at your favorite retailers

This tip mainly applies to electronics, video games and other reusable household goods. Check out each retailer below.

How to trade in on Amazon

Amazon’s trade-in program lets you transform old Kindles, Bluetooth speakers and even things like headphones into money in your pocket. Be sure to keep your stuff in excellent condition. The more pristine it is, the more you stand to earn.

You can get an Amazon gift card and save up to 25% on a new qualifying Amazon device.

How to trade in at Best Buy

Best Buy’s trade-in program includes any category you’ll find in-store, excluding large appliances, as far as we can tell. You’ll find an itemized portal on Best Buy’s trade-in page. Click into the thumbnail matching what you want to sell and follow the instructions.

Trade in car seats at Target

Target’s car seat trade-in allows you to upgrade to a newer model. Twice a year, you can bring an old, expired or damaged car seat to Target and recycle it to redeem a coupon on your Target app or for 20% off one car seat, one stroller or select baby gear.

The program is also good for the environment. Target’s partner, Waste Management, recycles materials from old car seats.

You can also trade in other items at Target. Smartphones, tablets, game consoles and more are eligible. You can find details for each item on Target’s trade-in page here.

How to trade in at Walmart

Walmart trade-in offers prepaid shipping labels, which means you’re free to trade in even if dropping an item off isn’t possible. You’ll earn a Walmart gift card equal to the value of whatever you’re handing over, including electronics, speakers, wearables and more.

Even if it’s time to upgrade, your old gear likely works just fine. Why not share the love? We like the idea of funding each new splurge with whatever we happen to be replacing.

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