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Top tech stocking stuffers under $20

Looking for some stocking ideas? How about not breaking the bank on this one? We’ve got you covered with some awesome tech products that are all under $20. No matter what tickles your tech fancy this list is sure to give you some great tech gift ideas.

OK, so all of these are under $20 and really it’s tough to beat the utility and convenience offered by these nifty gadgets.

Check them out below.

Tactical Christmas Stocking, $10.99, Amazon

Wait, can a stocking be a stocking stuffer? Is that an oxymoron? Either way this carry all gem for $10.99 on Amazon will no doubt stand out when hanging up. Saint Nick would be have to be blind to miss it as the stocking is offered in several different camo color options. Naughty or nice, I’m not putting coal in this stocking, just saying.

LED Flashing Lights Gloves, $10.99, Amazon

Your kids can have the fashion seen in “Ready Player One” and parents can be assured their kids will be seen walking along a poorly lit street with these sleek LED gloves.

Amazon has multiple color options for these gloves listed at $10.99.

Magnetic Screws Tools Parts Tray Holder, $5.98, Amazon

The process of putting up lights during the holidays is an oddly bitter tasting sandwich. Think about it, your first piece of bread is putting the lights up. Ugh, zero fun. Then the meat of the sandwich is actually quite tasty, this is where you and everyone that passes your home gets to admire your hard work. Then there is this lull between mid-January and the Super Bowl where you are served the second piece of bitter bread to complete the sandwich. Yup, you guessed it, time to take the lights down.

This gift is perfect to magnetically organize screws, nuts and bolts and can be kept on a nearby ladder. For only $5.98 on Amazon this handy holder is a must for the holiday decorator.

Pac-Man Classic Tiny Arcade Game, $19.51, Amazon

Nostalgia and Christmas go hand in hand. Memories of past, pictures of old and stories of yesteryear are often the conversational soundtrack that plays throughout homes during the holidays. That was almost too sappy for me to write out.

Looking to stir up that warm fuzzy feeling of the past for the special someone in you life? The sights and sounds this mini “Pac-Man” game should do the trick. No, it’s not the giant life sized arcade version, but for $19.51 this all time classic game is a can’t miss. 

Plus you can drive your family nuts by blasting this jam while tinkering with your new tiny toy.

Computer Monitor Bias Lighting, $9.99, Amazon

Initially, this gift just looks like an unnecessary “Price Is Right” styled add-on to your computer. Not so fast. The manufacturers say increasing the ambient light in a room prevents our eyes from straining to adjust between a bright screen and dark room, preventing headaches and eye dryness.

All you have to do is clean the back of your monitor, secure your LED strip and shell out $9.99 as this is a sneaky good stocking stuffer.


Paladone Pug Tape Measure, $9.98, Amazon

You could be a “cat person” and still turn your head at this handy animal lover gadget. It may not be super over the top in the tech category but you have to measure to put up that new smart tv or to make sure you have enough room for that new desktop computer monitor. C’mon just look at those puppy eyes, you know you want it for only $9.98.

The Legend of Zelda Canteen, $19.99, Amazon

So you can’t get through the holidays without a visit from Uncle Jack Daniels? Maybe a quick hello from your Russian cousin Smirnoff? Listen, I’m not telling you what to fill this canteen with but you will be the talk of the office Christmas party when you break out this bad boy. I know we already listed one retro gaming stocking stuffer idea, but this one was just too good to pass up. Check it out for only $19.99.

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