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Swip Swaps let you buy things cheaper and safer than on Craigslist

One of the best things to come from the internet is online shopping. The days of battling huge crowds at the mall to pick up that last minute gift are over. Nowadays, we can purchase pretty much anything that comes to mind from the comfort of our own home.

Convenience isn’t the only benefit from online shopping either. We now have the power of knowledge right at our fingertips. This helps us find the best products at the most reasonable prices.

There are even sites like Craigslist that allow us to buy and sell used items at discounted prices. The downside is that meeting people through Craigslist isn’t always safe. There have been numerous reports of people being ripped off and even some murders have been linked to Craigslist transactions.

That’s why you need to know about Swip Swap.

Safely navigating Swip Swap

Swip Swap is a feature on Facebook where you can buy things cheaper and safer than on Craigslist. These are groups created by users who want to buy and sell items locally.

What makes Swip Swap safer than other online classified ad sites is the groups are controlled by administrators. Some of the groups are even set to private, so you need to ask for permission to join. The administrator will do some vetting of potential new members, making it safer than other sites.

However, there are some groups open to everyone, so you should still be careful when doing business with them. Make sure to conduct any transactions in a public place when meeting a buyer or seller for the first time.

How to buy and sell with Swip Swap

Now that you know how to navigate Swip Swap, let’s talk about how it works. As I said earlier, it begins with a Facebook Group being created by users in select areas. Then it turns into a posting board with photos of items for sale. You’ll find things like home decor, clothes, shoes, baby items and more.

There are groups for specific locations, specialty groups such as for military moms, and more. The groups are really simple to find. Just go to Facebook and type what you’re looking for in the search box. For example, Swip Swap North Phoenix.

Depending on your location, you should see numerous results like the one above. If it’s a public group, you can go to its page, join and start shopping immediately. If it’s private, you’ll need to request permission to join.

Once you’re a member of a group you’re ready to start buying and selling. When a member posts an item for sale, the first person who comments on it saying that they want it, it’s theirs to buy. The buyer and seller then work with each other to set up the “swap.” It’s that easy.

Keep in mind, each Swip Swap group has its own set of rules to follow. The rules and regulations are typically posted at the top of each group’s page. Make sure to read up on them before taking part in the swaps. Now get out there and find those bargains!

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