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New site lets you rent anything from someone’s home theater to their jet ski

We all remember the days before GPS when we had to print out directions from Google Maps before going somewhere unfamiliar. There was also a time when renting a car was difficult, and then fancy apps came out that let you rent someone else’s car with a click of a button.

Developers are getting more and more creative every day and the future is at our door now. A new site recently entered the scene that lets you rent anything from someone’s home theater to their jet ski.

Enter Swimply. It’s a new app designed to let you rent, well, everything. Let’s take a look at this awesome new app and when it will roll out at full speed. If you are looking for new apps to download, these apps can save you money now.

What is Swimply?

Swimply was introduced in 2018 as a way for people to rent out someone’s pool. It was a hit for people who weren’t using their pools already and wanted to make some quick cash.

Similar to Turo, the app that allowed people to rent out their cars when they weren’t using them, Swimply was designed with the same idea in mind. Now the creators behind Swimply have taken it one step further.

The creators of Swimply have brought around Joyspace, an app designed to share the luxury of private owners with anyone who wants to rent them by the hour.

What can I rent?

Well, in theory, anything. Feel like playing Baywatch for a day? Rent someone’s jet ski and pretend your David Hasselhoff. Want your own hot tub time machine? Rent that, too, minus the time machine part.

Joyspace is hoping to make just about anything rentable as long as clients want to rent it.

How does it work?

When the app finally goes live, the sign-up process will be simple and straightforward. It will be as easy as signing up for the app and picking what you want to rent. Unfortunately, the app isn’t live yet, but hosts and renters can sign-up and apply for the current waiting list here.

They will receive a notification when the platform opens for business officially. For now, users can still use Swimply to rent private pools for events and personal use on a hot day.

The full-functioning Swimply isn’t live yet, but if you are ready to rent your home now they are in high demand. Tap or click here to find out how much you can rent your home for.

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