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Spruce up your Apple devices with these awesome accessories

Apple is often lauded for the strong sense of design that runs through its products. They’re typically both sleek and distinctive with metallic overtones and clean lines. You can take your Apple laptops, AirPods, Watches and iPhones as they come, or you can choose to give your gadgets a makeover that makes them more uniquely yours. Here’s how:

1. AirPod skins

Apple’s wireless AirPod earbuds have been hot sellers despite having a high price tag and being saddled with concerns about how easy it might be to lose one or both. The AirPods come in a typical pale white Apple color, but you can change up the look by picking up a set of AirPod skins. AirPod Skins are available to order online in your choice of 12 different colors, including tropical green, gold, pink, deep teal, orange, and matte black.

The $8.25 price gets you two sets of skins. You can use the extras for another set of AirPods or as a replacement if anything should happen to the originals. You might want to consider getting a bright color, like orange or yellow, if you’re fretting about dropping an AirPod. It would be easier to track down a stray AirPod that’s the color of a traffic cone than an anonymous white one.

2. Customize with ColorWare

Some Apple MacBook laptops now come in colors other than silver. You can also get space gray, gold, or rose gold, but these hues are still on the subtle side. When you want to make a statement, then check out a custom skins maker like ColorWare. ColorWare has a long history of creating bright and unusual stickers that attach to your MacBook and make it yours.

ColorWare will sell you the whole customized laptop, or you can order just the skin to apply yourself to an existing machine. While you can go with a basic solid color, there’s a lot of entertainment value in choosing a skin that’s a bit more exotic. ColorWare offers stick-ons that look like marble, wood, and carbon fiber. You can also choose a variety of metallic looks in colors with catchy names like “dragon,” “lightning,” and “star dust.” The skins are designed to cover the top and bottom of the laptop, as well as the space around the keyboard.

3. Blingify your iPhone

The easiest Apple gadget to dress up is the iPhone. You have your choice of many off-the-wall cases that give you a quick way to make your device stand out from the crowd. But there’s a crazier way to set your iPhone apart. You can pick up a gold-slathered iPhone from luxury retailer Goldgenie, a company with a long history of plating Apple gadgets in expensive metal coatings. A basic Goldgenie iPhone 7 plated in gold will set you back over $3,000. Once you start adding diamonds, the price can easily skyrocket to $20,000.

Goldgenie also offers python skin, mother of pearl, and carbon fiber options. These bling-tastic iPhones are fun, but let’s be realistic about it: most people will just pick up a fun iPhone case for a lot less and they won’t be stuck with an expensive paperweight when it’s time to retire the phone and upgrade to the next model.

Bonus: Fancy up your Apple Watch

The easiest way to express yourself through your Apple Watch is through changing the watch band. Apple itself offers a large selection of bands ranging from pink sport bands to colorful leather bands created through a collaboration with fashion brand Hermès. Though Apple’s selection is extensive, there are also plenty of third-party accessory makers that offer bands for the high-tech watch.

Crafters’ paradise marketplace Etsy hosts an impressive lineup of specialty Apple Watch bands ranging from metal cuffs to personalized leather bands with your initials emblazoned into the material. Other unusual options include a wood band from Lux Woods or Coach’s 3D tea-rose-applique leather strap.

Once you have the watch band of your dreams, be sure to take a moment to also customize your watch face. You can follow Apple’s simple directions right here. Put the two together and you will enjoy an Apple Watch that is uniquely yours.

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