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Which website is the best to see how much your home is worth?

Presented by Angi - Your home for everything home

Presented by Angi - Your home for everything home

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If you’re considering selling your home, buckle up: You have a long road ahead. Soon, appraisers will analyze every room and home buyers will stroll through your house. Before that, you need to Google this: “What’s the best site to see how much my house is worth?”

It’s an excellent way to get a fair idea of what your home is worth. One way to do this is by checking out a home value estimator website like Zillow, Redfin, RE/MAX or Tap or click here to see your home’s value on Zillow specifically.

This comparative guide gives you a solid overview of how these different sites help you find your home’s value. Some require you to set up an account, while others require zero commitment. Read on to see which home value estimator is the best fit for you, brought to you by our sponsor, Angi.

Redfin is an excellent place to start

Redfin’s property value estimator is a starting point in your home selling journey. Undervaluing your home could lead to costly real estate mistakes. Using a tool like this could save you thousands of dollars.

Redfin’s estimator pulls data from multiple listing services. If you’ve never heard of an MLS, it’s a database real estate agents use to list properties. According to Redfin’s website, its estimator is the most accurate home-value estimate for homes on the market.

Oh, and it also bases its estimate on recent home sales. It’s handy due to its transparency. Unlike other home value estimators, Redfin reveals the home it compares to your house.

For example, when you plug your home address into the Redfin estimator, you’ll see a few similar houses underneath its estimate. This helps you get a better idea of how your home looks to potential buyers.

You also have the option to specify your search by tapping the Edit home facts button. Here you can tweak the data Redfin has on your house. This can give you a more accurate Redfin estimate. You just have to verify your identity, so Redfin can ensure you’re not some rambunctious rando stirring up mayhem.

We have to talk about Zillow

Sure, this company may have fallen flat when it relied on its iBuyer algorithm to buy homes at a loss. Here’s why Zillow couldn’t make algorithmic house pricing work. Despite its spectacular flub in that arena, Zillow is still No. 1 when it comes to home value estimators.

That’s mainly because Zillow is so easy to use. You don’t have to log in to see how much your home is worth. Just use its built-in home value estimator tool.

The Zestimate uses public data like county and tax assessor records to guess how much your home is worth. With a database of 100 million homes to pull from, this tool is a great way to get an accurate idea of your home value. If you want the most accurate home estimation possible, enter specific data points to help the Zestimate get more specific.

Just know that the Zestimate provides a range of values rather than a singular number that’s 100% accurate. Real estate is a tricky industry prone to changes. Zillow has a national median average error rate of 1.9% for homes on the market.

If you’re confused by this mathematical mumbo-jumbo, here’s the takeaway: The Zestimate is good at creating accurate estimates, but it’s not going to be perfect 100% of the time. Still, though, it gives you a good range.

Let’s not forget RE/MAX

Maybe you’ve used the other two estimators and you want even more. If you’re still wondering, “What’s the best site to see how much my house is worth?” we’ve got you. Here’s another free resource. Head to RE/MAX for another quick way to see how much your home is worth.

This site uses AVM estimates or Automated Valuation Model estimates. It uses public sales data and trends to determine your home is worth. It has a large margin of error, but it’s a good starting point.

Just know that it doesn’t take into account any nuances in your local market. If you want a more accurate estimate, you can contact RE/MAX to get a Comparable Market Analysis.

This is the best way to understand what your home is worth since many free tools like these can be way off. However, online home value estimators make good starting points. (And, more importantly, they’re free.)

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