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Secrets to getting the best Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon Prime Day is almost here. Actually, it’s Prime Days.

That’s right, you get to shop for deals starting at 12 a.m. Pacific Time on July 15, ending at 11:59 p.m. Pacific on July 16. So what should you do to get ready for the big days?

Luckily, this isn’t a Black Friday situation where you have to practice your elbowing skills to grab the last HDTV. But what you do have to be is mentally alert. We’ve assembled this list of little-known tips and tools to help you get the best deals during Amazon Prime Day.

Make a wish list



Amazon is offering an Amazon Assistant browser extension so you can start working on your Prime Day wishlist now. The extension is designed for top browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

To add the extension, open your browser of choice and type in Once the installation is complete, you’ll see a green circle with a white “a” for Amazon on the very top right-hand side of your browser’s toolbar.

To keep an eye out for Prime Day bargains, place items on your wish list. During Prime Day, the Amazon Assistant button on your toolbar will show an alert displaying that a deal you have been tracking has gone live.

Watch our video on how to find the best Prime Day deals


Find deals now

As a consumer-tech expert, Kim regularly receives early alerts about deals for the Kim Komando audience. This list comes from Amazon about pre-Prime Day deals, and we’re excited to share this sneak peek with you. 

Here are just a few sale items we think you’d like: Fire TV Recast is a DVR that lets you watch and record over-the-air TV at home and on the go, and can save 75 hours of HD programming. Make sure you read the fine print about what you need to make this DVR work.

Another deal is the Echo Show 5 compact smart display. With Echo Show, you can tell Alexa to show you movie trailers, your smart devices, weather, maps, calendars — and so much more! 

Lightning, spotlights and gold

On Amazon, Lightning Deals are sales on a specific item. They usually last for a short time or until the product is sold out, which happens quickly. Hence the name.

On Prime Day, get ready for a storm of Lightning Deals. If you really want an item, you’ll have to be on alert as the Lightning Deals pop up. When you see a Prime Day Spotlight Deal, however, there’s less urgency since these tend to have the most inventory.

You don’t have to move as quickly as you would during a Lightning Deal, but that doesn’t mean you can lollygag. If you’re not prone to quick reactions and adrenaline rushes, maybe stick to the Gold Box Deals of the Day. These last 24 hours before being replaced, but remember, they can sell out too.

Alexa, gimme

Amazon is expected to once again push exclusive Prime Day deals on products that use Alexa. Just by asking Alexa what deals she has, Prime members can get exclusives not available elsewhere. They can also find a deal up to an hour before others go to the Amazon website.

Smartphone app

Download Amazon’s smartphone app for Android and iPhone. It gives you advance notice of deals and you can sign up for alerts.

The app will also let you see many Lightning Deals before they’re posted. You can create a “Watch a Deal” list to get notifications when the sale for the item you want is about to go live. Finally, turn Turn on “1-Click” ordering to get you through checkout faster.

Compare deals

You know Amazon Prime Day is a big deal when more and more retailers are having Prime Day-like sales. RetailMeNot predicts that more than 250 retailers will have their own versions of Prime Day — a 30% jump from last year.

Once you grab an item from a Lightning Deal and put it in your cart, take a few minutes to check to see if other retailers are offering better deals on the same or similar item. Don’t meander, though. If you haven’t purchased something you put in your cart after 15 minutes, Amazon removes it. 

Here at, we’re busy helping you prepare for Amazon Prime Day. In the days leading up to the event, we’ll be providing you with the extensive information you need so you can get the most from the special event.

Keep checking in with all week for more helpful tips. And don’t forget to grab the free app to stay on top of breaking news updates, consumer tech and weather alerts.

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