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Money tip: Easiest way to cancel your unused subscriptions

Is there anything worse than reviewing your monthly bank statement to find your bottom line significantly lower than you thought?

Random subscription services probably get you more often than not. Old streaming accounts, in-app purchases made by accident, and other monthly fees you’d rather leave in the past. Tap or click here for tricks to saving money on streaming services.

If you want to save even more money, try getting rid of rarely used services. We’ve found a tool to help you cancel unwanted subscriptions in the easiest way possible. Keep reading for details.

Can Rocket Money help you save more?

Our sponsor, Rocket Money, is a tool that links with your financial accounts and identifies brands that charge you monthly for things like entertainment and other membership plans. If scouring your statements is an inconvenience you would rather skip, this is precisely what you want.

All you have to do is sign up using the link above. You’ll be asked a few questions, including your financial goals. For example, tracking your spending or simply canceling unused subscriptions. It uses the Plaid service to link to your bank accounts securely.

Rocket Money can isolate every recurring charge it detects, allowing you to view them all simultaneously. If there’s anything on the list you’re happy to be rid of, ask Rocket Money to cancel it.

It also gives you customer support contact information for big companies like Netflix or Instacart. This is great for services you decide to keep but want to change plans.

Here are some features:

  • Manage and cancel unwanted subscriptions.
  • Lower your bills and let Rocket Money negotiate on your behalf.
  • Keep track of monthly bills and avoid overdrafts.
  • Create unlimited custom budgets.
  • Monitor your credit score.
  • Put your savings goals on autopilot.
  • Bank-level security and privacy.

Want to save money this year?

You can use our link here to opt-in to Rocket Money. It’s free for the first week and can help prevent unwanted services from sapping your bank account. If you decide to keep using the tool, you can sign up for a subscription that costs from $3 to $12 monthly, depending on your chosen plan.

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